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The Wild Hunter skill tree.

Wild Hunter Skills are trained by Ture in the city of Berg.

List of Skills[]

Tier 1: Universal Skills[]

The universal Wild Hunter skills can be acquired by anyone, without having to learn the class breakthrough skill.

50 SilverIcon.gif  |  500s Cooldown

Grants the Rage boon, which increases the Impact of your attacks.
Using this skill burns a bit of your maximum health until the next time you sleep.
Certain skills require this boon to be active.
Evasion Shot.png
50 SilverIcon.gif  |  12 Stamina  30s Cooldown

Shoot an arrow while jumping backwards. Causes the Cripple status effect on the target.
Locking on foes is essential with this skill.
Hunter's Eye.png
50 SilverIcon.gif  |  Passive

You can lock on enemies at longer distances when using a bow.
Sniper Shot.png
100 SilverIcon.gif  |  15 Stamina  30s Cooldown

Required: Bow.
Let loose a very strong arrow shot with a long windup, making it a poor option in the middle of combat.

Tier 2: Breakthrough Skill[]

Learning this skill will let you learn more advanced Wild Hunter skills, but keep in mind that you can only specialize in three classes and your choice of specialization is permanent.

Survivor's Resilience.png
1 BreakthroughIcon.png, 500 SilverIcon.gif  |  Passive

Increases your maximum health by 40.

Tier 3: Specialization Skills[]

More advanced skills for those that specialize as a Wild Hunter. The skills Predator Leap and Piercing Shot are mutually exclusive - when you choose one, you can never learn the other.

Predator Leap.png
600 SilverIcon.gif  |  13 Stamina  40s Cooldown

Jumping attack that creates a shockwave upon landing, with high Impact and Damage.
Piercing Shot.png
600 SilverIcon.gif  |  15 Stamina  30s Cooldown

Required: Bow.
Strong shot that goes through enemies and hits other foes behind. Inflicts Extreme Bleeding.
Feral Strikes.png
600 SilverIcon.gif  |  15 Stamina  30s Cooldown

Required: Melee Weapon, Rage Boon
Attack twice, consuming your Rage boon in the process. Inflicts Extreme Bleeding and Pain.

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