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Whispering Bones
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The Blue Chamber Collective

Whispering Bones (Lich) is an NPC in Outward.


Whispering Bones (Lich) is a Lich which dwells beneath the Necropolis in Berg, and becomes available after completing the quest of the same name. If the player receives the "perfect success" outcome of the quest, the Lich inhabits the body of Roland Argenson and we are able to speak with them directly. They offer various hints to those who offer Blue Sand to them.

The Lich is possibly related to the Frost Frost element, as the blue tree near where the Lich is found in the Necropolis can be used to obtain the Rotwood Staff. As well as this, Roland describes the Lich's energy as "blue" during the quest, and Roland takes on a blue appearance after being inhabited by the Lich.


By offering Blue Sand to the Whispering Bones, they will tell you a hint, usually related to unique treasures hidden throughout the world.

There is a spirit trapped in a grave in the valley beyond Ghost Pass in the Chersonese. Give her what she needs to move on, and perhaps she will share her treasure with you.

You probably already know that you can use a Spark spell to ignite the air in a Sigil of Wind... but these new Levantine firearms... they are like a Spark as well... It may work just as well. There may be more ways to use Magic in this kind of manner.

I see... Tsar Stones shining throughout Aurai. Their locations are hidden from my sight, but I can tell you this: There are not enough Tsar Stones in Aurai to forge a full set of armor within a single lifetime...

I see... an interesting chest that the Scarlet Lady has hidden in Enmerkar, beneath the Vigil crystal. Ignore the wooden chest and seek the lever behind it, then seek a path forward. That chest you will find and the treasure within will surely stand the test of time.


  • The Whispering Bones is not a single entity, but rather more of a collective consciousness, of which Roland becomes part of. It refers to itself both as 'I' and 'We' / 'Us'.

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