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Weight is an attribute and mechanic in Outward, related to the Inventory, Equipment, Stamina and Movement Speed mechanics.


All equipment and items have weight, even Silver SilverIcon.gif, the currency. The player has three attributes related to weight:

  • Total weight: this includes Equipment, Pouch and Backpack contents.
    • Importantly, equipped items only contribute half of their weight to this total. Items in the bag or pouch contribute full weight.
  • Pouch weight: the player always has a pouch, even without any equipment. By default the capacity 10, but can be increased with an attribute called Pouch Bonus. Exceeding pouch capacity will result in Pouch Overweight.
  • Bag weight: essentially the same as Pouch weight, but based on the player's backpack (if equipped). Exceeding bag capacity will result in Bag Overweight.

When the player has far too much weight, they will come to a complete stand-still and will be unable to move. However, with Movement Speed bonuses, this limit is greatly increased, and the player will always at least be able to roll if they are -99% speed or less.

Exceeding maximum weight limits will also increase Stamina use costs, and reduce the rate of stamina regeneration.

Burden Ratios[]

There are three kinds of burdens which reduce the player's Move Speed Movement Speed. The effect varies significantly for all three sources.

Total Weight Burden[]

  • Total weight burden includes worn equipment, and all items in the pouch or bag.
  • Equipped items only contribute half of their weight to this value.
  • This burden only activates when the total weight reaches 30.

The total weight burden is calculated by the formula: (EquippedItemsWeight / 2) + PouchWeight + BagContentWeight / -15

This means that once the player reaches 30 total weight, the player is slowed down by 1% per 15 total weight.

As well as the movement speed burden, total weight will reduce passive Stamina Stamina regeneration by 1% per 6 weight, and increase the Stamina cost of dodging and sprinting by 1% per 6 weight.

Pouch Overweight[]

By default, the Pouch has a weight limit of 10, unless increased with Pouch Bonus from equipment. Once the player exceeds the capacity of the pouch, they receive the Pouch Overweight status:

Overweight % Speed Reduction
~10% over -15%
~50% over -63%
100% over -100%

Exceeding double the pouch capacity will produce no further burden, apart from the Total Weight burden.

Bag Overweight[]

Exceeding the contents of the player's bag will result in the Bag Overweight status:

Overweight % Speed Reduction
~6% over -10%
~11% over -20%
~15% over -30%
~19% over -40%
~22% over -50%
~29% over -75%
~34% over -100%

Exceeding 34% over bag capacity will produce no further burden, apart from the Total Weight burden.

Movement Speed Bonus[]

Movement Speed bonuses are additive with Bag and Pouch burdens. This means that if you have a 50% speed bonus, and -100% reduction from either Bag or Pouch overweight, you will now have -50% movement speed and will still be able to move. The reduction from Total Weight has no limit, but it applies linearly. Players have been able to carry as much as 940 (with 65% movement speed bonus) before reaching -100% speed, with only one of the Burden statuses active. If both Bag and Pouch overweight statuses are active, players will be unable to avoid reaching -100% speed before long.

Weight Stat Sources[]


Weightless The SoroboreansFlat-50%Reduces total weight by -50%.

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