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Vigil Pylon (Enmerkar Forest)
Enmerkar Vigil Pylon entrance.png
The entrance to Vigil Pylon (Enmerkar Forest)
Location Details
Enmerkar Forest
Marked Name
Vigil Pylon
Map Image
Vigil Pylon Enmerkar Map.png
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Enmerkar Vigil Pylon is a marked location in Enmerkar Forest, marked as "Vigil Pylon", found east of Berg.

A lever is hidden in the water behind the Chest which opens up the rest of the dungeon.


The interior part of the Enmerkar Vigil Pylon is a creation of the Scarlet Lady, as explained by Whispering Bones (Lich). The runes at the entrance read "Dame Rouge" (fr. Red Lady).

This location contains a unique kind of Ghost, as well as other fire-related enemies.



Legacy Chest[]

In order to get to the Legacy Chest, you must complete the puzzle. The teleportation orb is only usable if the player teleported an odd number of times. There are two ways to reach an active orb.

  1. Head straight, left, straight, left, right (chest side), left (the closer one), straight
  2. Head straight, left, straight, right to reach an inactive orb, then sleep for an hour or two by the orb to make it active; however, this is probably a glitch.
  3. Once you reach the orb, simply log out to the main menu and log back in again. Since the amount of times you teleported in that instance is 0, it is counted as an odd number and the orb will be active. This is probably a glitch, too.

On the top platform awaits an Obsidian Elemental, Burning Man, and the two chests. To return, use the statue on the top platform.


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