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Vigil Pylons are prominent, towering structures found in each of the 4 major regions of Outward. These Pylons were constructed following the near-Apocalyptic war which occurred around one-hundred years ago, and serve to protect the tribes of Aurai against The Scourge and Corruption.

There are 5 Vigil Pylons in Outward:


Around one hundred years ago, there was an enormous magical explosion in one of the mountainous regions of Aurai, carving out a massive canyon now called the Gates of Catharsis. From it, hordes of Scourge beasts poured out. The majority were Shell Horrors, but there were many Illuminator Horrors and Immaculates as well.

As you can expect, the beasts decimated most of the land and overran a great many tribes. This is why you see a lot of dead Scourge beasts, broken Golems, and other artifacts littering the world.

Fortunately, Elatt ascended to godhood around this time and was able to turn his tribe into the Holy Mission, who managed to fend off the Scourge long enough for the Vigil Crystals to be put into place, which keep the regions safe from the Scourge.
~ Aegix Drakan (Writer, Nine Dots)

During Questions and Corruption, a Holy Mission faction quest, you learn more about the nature of Vigil Pylons when you burn a Greasy Fern at the Vigil Altar:

You see an army of warriors fighting a massive Scourge Beast with spears… They are nearly wiped out, before one of them manages to cripple the beast. A ray of light falls from the sky and engulfs the monster, and it is trapped within shining crystal, surrounded by the dozens of people it killed.

As the memories fade and you return to your senses, you look up at the Vigil crystal and briefly see a swarm of ghosts trapped within the crystal with the Scourge Beast, endlessly stabbing it with their ghostly weapons.

You sense agony rippling from the crystal... The Scourge Beast within is still alive, endlessly tortured by the spirits of those it killed, the monster's pain a warning to keep other Scourge Beasts far, far away from Monsoon...

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