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Quest Giver
Burac Carillon
Join a Faction. The quest can also be completed without joining a faction. If you simply deal with the 3 warlords without being told to do so.
Quest Type
Parallel Quest

Vendavel is a Parallel Quest in Outward.


This quest has in-game timer of 40 days, which starts counting immediately when you join a faction. If all three Warlords are not dealt with when the timer runs out, Cierzo will be permanently destroyed.

NOTE: Cierzo will not be destroyed while you are in Chersonese, even if you reach the timer. As long as you're still in Chersonese you can finish the quest.


Burac Carillon informs the player of The Vendavel threat.

  • For this quest to officially begin, you must have joined a faction
  • It is possible to solve this quest early by simply defeating all 3 Warlords in combat
    • You will need to defeat Crock, take his keys, and then defeat Balira and Rospa.
    • The quest log will not update until you join a faction and return to Burac in Cierzo
    • The timer for this quest will stop if you defeat all 3 Warlords

Starting Out[]

Eto Akiyuki gives the player a Kazite disguise.

To begin the quest properly, speak to Burac Carillon by the gates of Cierzo after you have joined a faction. Burac will inform you of the dire threat of The Vendavel, who plan an imminent attack on Cierzo. He asks for your help in preemptively dealing with the Bandits before they are able to raid the city.

It is recommended to do the following before you go to Vendavel Fortress:

  • Obtain a Gaberry Wine
  • Unless you want to fight Crock or Balira, obtain 1 Blue Sand and 3 Iron Scrap, then speak to Eto about Vendavel.
    • Choose option Tex men talkIcon.png 2: "is there a safe way to get inside?"
    • Give Eto 3 Iron Scrap and 1 Blue Sand
    • He will give you a Kazite mask and Makeshift Leather Attire, and teach you a Kazite word. Keep the Mask and Attire for later.
Stop the 3 warlords in the Fortress of Vendavel, located in the south-west of the Chersonese.

When you are ready, make your way to the south-west of Chersonese, to the Vendavel Fortress.


The player speaks to Crock.

Deal with Crock, the drunkard Warlord.

Crock can be found immediately to your left after you enter Vendavel Fortress from the beach.

From here you have two options: a Combat path, and a Non-Combat path:

Combat Path:

  1. Speak to Crock and ask him if he would like a drink
  2. Offer him the Gaberry Wine and he will become drunk
  3. Goad him into a fight by choosing the option Tex men talkIcon.png : "Anyone? Even me?"
  4. You can now pass through the door guarded by the two Guards, and skip to the "Balira" section

Non-Combat Path:

The Guards near Crock.

  1. Speak to Crock and ask him if he would like a drink
  2. Offer him the Gaberry Wine and he will become drunk
  3. Choose the option to send him to fight Burac (Tex men talkIcon.png : "Anyone? Even someone like Burac, the warden of Cierzo?")
    • You will receive a Power Coil and other various items, but no keys.
  4. Equip the Kazite Mask and Makeshift Leather Attire which Eto gave you
  5. Speak to the nearby Guards and choose option Tex men talkIcon.png 1: "Hi, Nindiria. I am back from scouting Cierzo, let me in, yes?"
    • This will unlock all the doors in the Fortress.
    • If you chose the option about "joining your crew", it will unlock the first door but not the Prison doors. You need to use Eto's disguise for the Prison doors.


The player speaks to Balira.

Deal with Balira, the Witch Warlord.

After you pass through the door by the Guards, head to the right up a winding staircase and arrive at an elevator. Climb onto the elevator and pull the lever to ride it up.

At the top, you will find Balira along with two Guards. Here we have two paths, however unlike Crock, both paths involve some combat.

Fight Balira:

  1. Speak to Balira, and tell her you are here to kill her, then choose option Tex men talkIcon.png 2: "Not today!" to begin combat.
  2. Defeat Balira and loot her corpse
    • Optionally defeat the two Bandit Guards as well, or just run back down the elevator
  3. Skip to the "Rospa" section

Help Balira:

The Wendigo in Corrupted Tombs.

Kill the Wendigo inside the Corrupted Tomb, on the other side of the Ghost Pass, to the north-east of the Chersonese.
  1. Choose the first option every time you talk to Balira to take the alternative path. She will ask you to take care of the Wendigo who she once called her Husband.
    • Note: this Wendigo does not respawn. If you already killed it you can just talk to her again.
  2. Head to the Corrupted Tombs in Chersonese
  3. Immediately on your left when you enter (from the Ghost Pass side), you will see a Wendigo.
  4. Defeat the Wendigo
  5. Return to Balira and receive a Power Coil and Preservation Backpack


The player fights Rospa.

Deal with Rospa, the Kazite Warlord.

To deal with Rospa, you'll need access to the Prison area. If you used Eto's disguise to get into the fortress, it will be unlocked, otherwise you can use the Vendavel Prison Key if you chose to defeat either Crock or Balira.

If you do not yet have a way into the prison, you can either:

  • Fight the guards near the entrance and take the Prison Key
  • Head back to Eto and get the disguise, then return to Vendavel and speak to the guards near the entrance, and choose option Tex men talkIcon.png 1 to unlock the Prison area.

From the main corridor (near where Crock was, and where we went up the stairs to Balira), head down the opposite direction from Balira, down the stairs towards the Prison area.

Interact with the gate to enter the Prison area, then turn right down the hallway. At the end on your right there will be another Guard and a door, open the door and continue forward to Rospa.

Kill Rospa in Vendavel or convince Eto, the trainer in Cierzo, to sacrifice himself.

Speak to Rospa, and once again there are two options:

Fight Rospa:

  1. Tell Rospa you are here to kill him, then choose option Tex men talkIcon.png 2: "Not today!", and combat will begin
  2. Defeat Rospa, and optionally defeat the Vendavel Archers nearby
  3. Skip to "Finishing Up"

Send Eto to Rospa:

  1. Warning: This will mean Eto becomes permanently unavailable as a trainer!
  2. You can optionally choose to send Eto from Cierzo to Rospa instead, to sacrifice himself.
  3. You will need to return to Eto in Cierzo and convince him to go to Vendavel
  4. After speaking to Eto, return to Rospa to complete this section, and receive a Power Coil along with other items.
    • If you took longer than one day to send Eto, you will only receive the Power Coil, and no other items

Finishing Up[]

Burac informing the player of their success.

Talk to Burac in Cierzo for a reward.

Once all three Warlords are dealt with, return to Burac to complete the quest. If you have not yet joined a faction, the quest may not complete properly, but you can come speak to him again after joining to finish it. The timer for the destruction of Cierzo has stopped by now.

Vendavel's warlords have attacked Cierzo by now...

Should you reach the failure timer for this quest, you will notice this quest log in your journal instead, and you have received the "Failure" outcome.


If you defeated the Warlords with combat:

If you send Crock to Burac:

From Rospa, if you sent Eto to him within a day:

If you took longer than one day to send Eto to Rospa:

If you helped Balira with the Wendigo:


From Burac:

There is an Ornate Chest in the room below the Cierzo town hall, which you can now access with the Cierzo Town Key.




  • Originally, it was not possible to return to the destroyed version of Cierzo on failure. This was added in the October 4th Patch.

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