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Vendavel Prisoner
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Vendavel Prison

Vendavel Prisoner is a type of NPC at the Vendavel Prison in Outward.


There are several NPCs with the name "Vendavel Prisoner" in the prison. One of them, when spoken to, has the name "Vendavel Slave".

  • One of them teaches Backstab (shown in infobox picture) for a Shiv Dagger. Found near the giant pit.
    • If you already know Backstab, 30 SilverIcon.gif will be rewarded instead. (You will be awarded the 30 SilverIcon.gif regardless of whether Backstab has been learnt, meaning you get both the skill and the Silver; it is unclear at this time if this is a bug. Learning Backstab prior from Styx rewards only the 30 SilverIcon.gif, as expected.)
    • Note: she wants the dagger to kill herself with. The NPC will be unavailable after you give her the dagger, though she has no other use.
  • One which has a small merchant store (see below).
  • One which will purchase Iron Scrap off the player for 5 SilverIcon.gif silver each. (Vendavel Slave)
  • One which asks for a Mining Pick, in exchange the player will receive 2 Bird Eggs.

Merchant Inventory[]

The merchant can be found in the northern part of the prison, standing at the end of a hallway.

This merchant buys items for half their usual price (meaning you get less silver when selling here), and items cost twice as much to buy here.

Guaranteed Stock

Gold Ingot.png Gold Ingot (1-3)
Linen Cloth.png Linen Cloth (1-3)
Iron Scrap.png Iron Scrap (1-3)
Common Mushroom.png Common Mushroom (3-5)
Bird Egg.png Bird Egg (1-2)
Shiv Dagger.png Shiv Dagger (1)

Random Stock 1
This drop table will be rolled 0 to 2 times.

Rondel Dagger.png Rondel Dagger (1)20%
Hide.png Hide (1)20%
Gravel Beetle.png Gravel Beetle (2-3)20%
Bandages.png Bandages (2-3)20%
Miner’s Omelet.png Miner's Omelet (1)13.33%
Improvised Bedroll.png Improvised Bedroll (1)6.67%


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