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Vendavel Fortress
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Vendavel Fortress
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Vendavel Fortress is a marked location in south-western Chersonese along the coast line. The large fortress is home to the Vendavel Warlords Balira, Crock and Rospa, as well as the Kazite Bandits. The entrance to the fortress is in the middle of the visible wall on the coast, and appears to lead onto a beach.


The main area of the fortress is where the player will enter to from the beach. In the first room they will find two Guards to the right blocking the door, as well as the Warlord Crock to the left seated at a table. Without the Vendavel Key (or Vendavel Prison Key if in the prison) the rest of the main fortress area is inaccessible, and the player will either need to defeat Crock, progress through the Vendavel Quest, or be sent to prison in order to see more of the fortress.

Aggression Level[]

There is a unique mechanic in the Vendavel Fortress related to the player's choices with combat - a hidden "aggression level". Each time you engage in combat you gain a point or two on this level, and if you reach a level of 5 the entire Fortress (apart from the Prisoners) will become aggressive towards you. Being defeated - whether you are sent to Prison or thrown out the Hole - will reduce your aggression level by 2.


The Vendavel Quest can be started by speaking to gate warden Burac Carillon in Cierzo, after beginning a main Faction quest.


A view of Vendavel Prison

The Vendavel Prison is reached either by being sent there by NPCs in the Vendavel Fortress, or by acquiring the Vendavel Prison Key.

Players are very likely to end up here as a result of the Vendavel Prison defeat scenario, which can happen at any time. During the Vendavel Quest, poor dialogue choices with certain NPCs can also result in the player's imprisonment, with or without combat involved.

The player will awaken in a prison cell with no items in their inventory. Their backpack, equipped items, and pocket items, will all have been moved to a location elsewhere in the prison. To access them, the player can talk to the guards and ask if there's anything else they can do to help, then open the gate and head down the hallway to the left. The backpack and items are found in the room at the end of the hallway.

Escape Options[]

Before exiting, it is highly recommended to find a way to gain access to the prison hallway, where the player can retrieve any items that were taken from them.

Helping Out[]

Speaking to the Prison Keepers will reveal several options for escape.

  • The Prison Keepers can be bribed to let the player escape if offered 30 silver.
  • If the player has not caused too much trouble, they will be allowed to work "in other ways than mining" and will be given access to the prison hallway.
    • This is the fastest way for the player to retrieve their lost items. It also gives the player access to Vendavel's Nurse and Titatrok the Cook, who provide additional requests that result in silver.
  • The player can choose to fight the Prison Keepers. This is not recommended to attempt without retrieving real weapons and armor.

Exiting through The Hole[]

The Hole can be found in the room with several Iron Veins, marked by a wooden ledge with a bloodstain leading to it. Luckily, its not possible to fall off the ledge by accident without "Interacting" with the ledge first.

Interacting with the wooden ledge will produce a dialogue option to confirm if the player truly wants to leap down. If this is selected, the player will then be allowed to move their character forward and drop into the darkness. This will trigger a defeat scenario specific to The Hole in which the player awakens outside the prison.

Tips and Notes[]

  • Deconstructing the many Mining Picks into Iron Scrap and selling them to Prisoner which buys them for 5 SilverIcon.gif each can be very profitable. Do not sell them to the Merchant.
  • If you talk to Titatrok the Cook, he will ask you to make Meat Stew in return for 1 Dry Mushroom Bar. You can do this twice a day, and he gives you all the ingredients to cook them.
    • NOTE: If you say that you misplaced the ingredients, you are thrown back in prison, stripped of your possessions, and return to start of the prison defeat scenario.


Upon first entering the Fortress, the player can talk to Crock, who will send the player to jail if they accept his hospitality. The other warlords, Balira and Rospa can be found further into the Fortress, but require progress in the Vendavel Quest, or the Vendavel Key to access.

Note: Aside from the Vendavel Prisoners, ALL of the NPCs in the Fortress can become aggressive!

In the Prison area:


Ornate Chest[]

The Ornate Chest puzzle solution.

There is an Ornate Chest on the first main floor, directly ahead after you pass through the first locked gate near Crock.

To access the Ornate Chest, there is a small puzzle involving 6 ropes. You must pull the correct rope in order to unlock the Ornate Chest. Other ropes will cause the floor beneath your feet to disappear, dropping you into Trog Infiltration.

  • The solution to the puzzle (pictured) can be found on a prison bed, next to the prison vendor.
  • You must pull the south-eastern rope to unlock the chest.

Other Loot[]

Loot containers:

  • 3x Junk Pile
  • 2x Looter's Corpse
  • 1x Chest
  • 2x Black Chests will be interactable, but empty. If the player was transported to the prison due to a defeat scenario, this is where their pocket inventory and any equipped items will be stored. Player backpack(s) will also be found near these chests.


Item Spawns:

  • 1 Poison Rag - in the armory, on a table next to a Fragment Bomb

Defeat Scenarios[]

ScenarioTime ProgressionRespawn Locations
Beaten and bloody, but alive4-47 hourssame location as defeat
Captured by Vendavel bandits8-12 hoursVendavel Fortress
Escaped through The Hole6-12 hoursChersonese
Saved by Gep23-73 hoursChersonese, Hallowed Marsh, Abrassar, Enmerkar Forest, Antique Plateau or Caldera


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