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Vendavel's Nurse
Vendavel's Nurse.png
NPC Data
The Vendavel
Quest Enemy (potential)
Vendavel Fortress
Combat Details
90 Health
Damage Types
12 Physical
Impact Dmg
12 Impact.png
Impact Res.
6 Impact.png
Damage Res.
8 Physical -40 Decay

Vendavel's Nurse is an NPC located in Vendavel Fortress, in the prison area, who will purchase Bandages and Life Potions from the player.


After walking into Vendavel from the beach entrance (guarded by three or so bandits outside) and dealing with Crock, head South along the hallway, past the door you came in from. Then, take the first branching path East, head down the stairs, and she will be in the first room on your left, standing next to the gate by the wall.

Item Exchange[]

Vendavel's Nurse requests Life Potions and Bandages from the player, to help heal the injured Bandits in the ward.

It can be quite profitable to sell Bandages and Life Potions to the Nurse because she pays you much more SilverIcon.gif silver than you would get normally selling them to Merchants. Specifically, she will pay 5 SilverIcon.gif silver per bandage, and 15 SilverIcon.gif silver per life potion.


Depending on the player's choices in the Prison, they may encounter a scenario where Vendavel's Nurse becomes aggressive.

They use a Machete (12 Physical), and have a weakness to Decay Decay damage.

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