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MrForien is an NPC in game Real Life.

About Me[]

Hello there[1], I'm Forien and I got hooked to Outward more than I expected. And I don't even believe I became one of most contributing members[2] on this wiki. I spent easily at least as much time in game's DEBUG mode in order to fill Wiki as I have playing the game. Oh well, this should be an About Me section and all I'm talking about is Outward... see? I'm addicted!

I'm from Poland, 28, I work as a programmer/web developer and have many hobbies. Can you guys guess any? Yes, yes... video games. Obviously :D. But I have other hobbies too. Photography, guns, movies, books, RPGs (real ones, pen&paper) and I could go on and on. I have more hobbies than I have time or money.

Apparently wiki editing is now one of them. I hope we can get along, as I'm fairly new to Wiki Editing, but I learn fast and my skills as programmer and web developer actually can help.


Though you can contact me through any page I watch (like this one) or comments on my profile, the best and fastest way would be to reach me on Discord.

My Discord Tag is Forien#2130

Or you can join one (or both!) of following:

Wiki Editing[]


While Outward Wiki is not my first experience in wiki editing, it's the first I am so engaged into and first one I treat somewhat seriously.

Notable Work Done[]

Note that work on wiki is never done. We can always improve stuff!

Current Project(s)[]


  • Figure out what Vitals should look like and if we even need separate Health, Stamina and Mana pages.
    • We probably don't need separate H/S/M articles...
  • Tackle NPCs like Royal Manticore tackles Coralhorns!
  • Get Full On Jade[3] Mode and take screenshots of as many stuff ingame as I can


So this image is used on some page.


Please keep discussion below, wether you want to ask me, say hello or just talk about anything, really :).

  1. Oh come on, that was easy! Star Wars III and IV, Kenobi!
  2. Lost my score due to account merge bug. I had 8000 points, now it shows GID: 100225314 :(
  3. Seriously? no one? Beyond Good & Evil reference...