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Unknown Arenas are hidden Boss Arenas found in various locations in each region in Outward.

There are 12 Arenas in total, 3 of which can be found in each region.

The Soroboreans The Soroboreans DLC adds 3 more arenas, and The Three Brothers The Three Brothers adds another 4.


Once the player has finished any of the base game faction quest lines, the base game hidden Boss Arenas will become accessible. Access to the Caldera Arenas requires completion of the New Sirocco quest line. Boss Arenas typically require a one-time fee to enter, such as a small amount of a certain item. Some Arenas also require special conditions such as having certain status effects active on the player. Once the player has entered the Arena for the first time, they will no longer need to meet the entry requirement, even if they are defeated on their first attempt.

Upon defeating all the Bosses in the Arena, the player will be able to access a special Ornate Chest which will contain 2 random Relics. These Relics can be used to craft powerful new Weapons and Armor. Each Arena has 4 different Relics which players can receive, and they are guaranteed 2 different Relics on each drop, the same Relic will not be rewarded twice in one drop.

Like all Area Resets, the Arenas will reset after 7 days spent outside of the Arena, and the player can repeat the fights as many times as they wish.

List of Boss Arenas

The following is a list of all known hidden Boss Arenas. See each page for more details.


Hallowed Marsh


Enmerkar Forest

Antique Plateau


These arenas require finishing the Sirocco quest line to access.


There are a total of 8 Relics, which can be combined to produce powerful new Weapons and Armor.

DLC Relics

Craftable Items




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