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Undercity Passage
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The Undercity Passage is a cave network and smuggling passage beneath Levant in Abrassar, with multiple entrances.


There are four entrances in total to Undercity Passage:

Quest Involvement[]

The Undercity Passage is involved in several Heroic Kingdom quests, including Sand Corsairs and Heroic Peacemaker, as well as Blood Under The Sun and Hallowed Peacemaker.

Robbery Defeat Scenario[]

There is a unique defeat scenario in Undercity Passage where criminal bandits will steal all your belongings.

  • There will be 2 Black Chests which contain your belongings
  • You can bring them 3x Gold Ingot within 7 days to have your belongings returned
  • You can engage in combat, if you defeat them you can take your belongings back from the chest
  • If 7 days pass and you don't complete either option, you will lose all your items.

Heroes Palace Area[]

The Heroes Palace area

The area from the Heroes' Palace entrance can only be accessed from that entrance, until the player acquires the Palace Passage Key.

Inside this area there is a small puzzle with some levers and moving platforms, which leads the player around to various chests and an Ornate Chest.

  • 2x Chest
  • 2x Junk Pile
  • 1x Ornate Chest
    • To reach the ornate chest (requires Palace Passage Key): First you must pull the levers in the Trog Prison area (at the bottom of the floor trap, and below Baron Montgomery's room). Once you have pulled both levers in the Trog Prison area, head back up to the top of the dungeon and pass over the floor trap (which now has a concrete floor to walk over). Head back into the Palace Passage and take the first left into a small nook behind a bookshelf and pull a lever here. Now head to the far-right side of the room into a newly unlocked staircase and climb up, then pull the lever at the top. Go through the door and cross over the walkway to the other side, then pull the lever. Drop down below and repeat the steps to get back up to where you just were, but this time you will cross over a different walkway into a new, secret area. Take a left in this area and you will find the Ornate Chest awaiting you on the balcony.

Palace Passage Key[]

The Palace Passage Key unlocks a hidden door in the area below the entrance from the Slums. From the Slums entrance, head directly south-east towards what seems to be a dead end. The wall can be opened if the player has the key, which can be obtained during the Heroic Kingdom quest line, or from Zagis for players of other factions, if they find him at Hive Prison.

Main Area[]

The main Undercity Passage area

The entrances from the Slums, and south of Levant, both lead into the same general area - a large network of caves with many sheer cliffs, traps, and other hazards.


Connecting the two areas from each entrance is a small passage way with a wooden "bridge". The bridge will immediately fall from beneath the player's feet when they stand on it, unless they have pulled the lever from the Slums-side entrance first, which extends a stone bridge beneath the wooden one.

With enough Movement Speed, players can quickly run across from the Ancient Ruins side by staying as close as possible to the left as they can, and rolling at the end.




Potential enemies during certain Quests:


Loot Containers:


Defeat Scenarios[]

ScenarioTime ProgressionRespawn Locations
Beaten and bloody, but alive4-47 hourssame location as defeat
Defeated during raid against the Prince73-167 hoursLevant
Nursed to health at the Levant house9-13 daysLevant
Nursed to health at the Levant Inn9-13 daysLevant
Robbed by bandits4-6 hoursUndercity Passage
Saved by Friendly Immaculate8-12 hoursImmaculate's Camp
Saved by Gep23-73 hoursChersonese, Hallowed Marsh, Abrassar, Enmerkar Forest, Antique Plateau or Caldera


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