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Tsar Stone is an extremely rare crafting item in Outward. Tsar stones cannot be purchased from merchants nor mined in the world. Instead, they are a unique resource that can only be obtained by completing specific tasks, such as hidden interactions in the world or Quests.

Equipment created with Tsar Stones have infinite durability and never need to be repaired. While the weapons have the highest physical damage in the game, they are also very slow at 0.8 speed.


Shimmering gem that glimmers with shining power

Acquired From[]

Currently, players are able to obtain 5 Tsar Stones from each play-through, excluding stones passed down through Legacy Chests, or co-op play. Tsar Stones are an extremely rare and limited resource that can only be acquired by completing specific objectives or quests in the world.


Vanasse's grave

  • With a Gaberry Wine, head beyond Ghost Pass, towards the entrance to Corrupted Tombs. Once through the pass, head north-west (left) into the graveyard.
  • The grave will be in the far-left corner of the graveyard, near the entrance to the red ruined building (Corrupted Tombs) and a Ghost Plant
  • Interact with the grave and choose option 1: "Drink your Gaberry Wine" and receive the Tsar Stone.
    • Alternatively, if player chooses 3: "coat your weapon with Gaberry Wine", you can fight the Ghost of Vanasse for the Tsar Stone.

Electric Lab[]

Treasure Hunt[]

Dark Ziggurat[]

  • Found at Dark Ziggurat in Hallowed Marsh. The levers to open the top door must first be unlocked.
  • Further instructions to find the stone are listed on the Dark Ziggurat page.

Faction Quest[]

Upon completion of the player's chosen faction quest, it's possible to receive a Tsar stone, provided they achieve a satisfactory outcome:


Tsar Armor.png
1x Tsar Armor
Master-Smith Tokuga
Tsar Axe.png
1x Tsar Axe
Plague Doctor
Tsar Boots.png
1x Tsar Boots
Master-Smith Tokuga
Tsar Claymore.png
1x Tsar Claymore
Plague Doctor
Tsar Greataxe.png
1x Tsar Greataxe
Plague Doctor
Tsar Greathammer.png
1x Tsar Greathammer
Plague Doctor
Tsar Halberd.png
1x Tsar Halberd
Plague Doctor
Tsar Helm.png
1x Tsar Helm
Master-Smith Tokuga
Tsar Mace.png
1x Tsar Mace
Plague Doctor
Tsar Shield.png
1x Tsar Shield
Plague Doctor
Tsar Spear.png
1x Tsar Spear
Plague Doctor
Tsar Sword.png
1x Tsar Sword
Plague Doctor

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