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Troglodyte Gem Doors are a type of hidden interaction found in various locations in Outward. If the player possesses the required gemstones, they will be able to open the door and claim the loot within.

List of Gem Doors[]

Blister Burrow[]

The Gem Door in Blister Burrow

In Blister Burrow, take an immediate left at the first intersection into a small room with one troglodyte. On the wall on your right side, there is a door with a small window in the middle of it. This is the Troglodyte Gem Door.

  • The first door requires a Tiny Aquamarine. Interact with the door to open it.
  • The second door requires a Small Sapphire. Open this door to claim the loot inside.

Awaiting inside, you will find:

Under Island[]

The Gem Wall in Under Island

Inside Under Island, south of Giants' Village, there is a large gem wall which works the same way as gem doors. There are 5 windows, and you must place the required gemstone in each window. From left to right:

Awaiting inside is a Trog Chest, the Fabulous Palladium Shield, several Rich Iron Veins, and various Troglodytes.

Royal Manticore's Lair[]

The Gem Doors in Royal Manticore's Lair

There are two locked Troglodyte Gem Doors which can be reached by dropping off the ledge to the left of the first cavern. The door on the right requires a Large Emerald, giving access to Zhorn's Hunting Backpack. The door on the left requires a Medium Ruby and contains a Palladium Vein and a Trog Chest.

Value Efficiency[]

The value in silver behind the doors seem to always be more than the total value of the required gems. For example, the Under Island door required gems amount to a value of 250 silver, and the contents behind the door amount to at least 240 silver, the normal selling value of the Fabulous Palladium Shield, plus the random contents of the Trog Chest, and the Iron Veins.

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