Trog Infiltration

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Trog Infiltration
Trog Infiltration entrance.png
The entrance to Trog Infiltration
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Trog Infiltration is an unmarked dungeon found south-west of Conflux Mountain, and north-west of Vendavel Fortress. If you head north of Vendavel and enter the valley to the north-west, a small wooden archway can be seen out the front of the dungeon.

Vendavel Fortress[edit | edit source]

There is an elevated area in this section that comes from the first floor of Vendavel Fortress, and cannot be reached otherwise. Specifically, this entrance is connected to the room that contains a puzzle which unlocks the Ornate Chest in the fortress. If you pull the wrong lever in the room, the floor will open up beneath you and you will drop you onto a few mushrooms, then finally onto the elevated platform. Once you drop down, you'll be attacked by the aforementioned Troglodytes, and continue through the cave as normal. There is nothing else of note in this elevated area.

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