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Traps are a type of an item or effect in Outward that deal damage when triggered.


There are primarily two types of traps in Outward: Tripwire Trap and Pressure Plate Trap. The first step is to place the trap on any flat ground by deploying it and confirming when the indicator is blue. Once placed, you can interact with the trap and then arm it with a compatible item to create a fully functioning trap.

There is also the Runic Trap, a magical trap created with Rune Sage magic.

Tripwire Traps[]

The following traps can be made from a Tripwire Trap:

Trap Armed With Effects
Bleed Trap Axes
Insect Husk
Predator Bones
Bludgeon Trap Maces
Improved Bleed Trap Coralhorn Antler
Shark Cartilage
Thorny Cartilage
Improved Spike Trap Assassin Tongue
Beast Golem Scraps
Spikes – Palladium
Spike Trap Spikes – Iron
Wood Spike Trap Spikes – Wood
Primitive Club

Pressure Plate Traps[]

The following traps can be made from a Pressure Plate Trap:

Trap Armed With Effects
Ethereal Trap Ghost's Eye
Occult Remains
Shark Cartilage
Spiritual Varnish
With Pressure Plate Expertise:
Flash Trap Firefly Powder
With Pressure Plate Expertise:
Frost Trap Ice Varnish
Blue Sand
Cold Stone
With Pressure Plate Expertise:
  • + 40 Frost Frost damage (total 120 Frost)
Improved Incendiary Trap Explorer Lantern
Fire Varnish
Fire Stone
Obsidian Shard
With Pressure Plate Expertise:
Improved Toxic Trap Dark Varnish
Poison Varnish
Phytosaur Horn
With Pressure Plate Expertise:
Incendiary Trap Charge – Incendiary
Old Lantern
With Pressure Plate Expertise:
Nerve Gas Trap Charge – Nerve Gas
Creates an area-of-effect cloud, which inflicts the effects below every 0.5 seconds for 4 seconds (total 8 times):With Pressure Plate Expertise:
Sapped Trap Arcane Dampener
With Pressure Plate Expertise:
Shock Trap Bolt Varnish
Gold-Lich Mechanism
With Pressure Plate Expertise:
Toxic Trap Charge – Toxic
Boiled Miasmapod
With Pressure Plate Expertise:

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