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The Speedster skill tree.

The Speedster Skills are trained by Serge Battleborn in the city of Harmattan. These skills are exclusive to The Soroboreans DLC.

List of Skills[]

Tier 1: Universal Skills[]

The universal Speedster skills can be acquired by anyone, without having to learn the class breakthrough skill.

50 SilverIcon.gif  |  0.5s Cooldown

A weak attack that increases Alertness level on hit. Evolves into stronger forms as Alertness level rises.
50 SilverIcon.gif  |  Passive

Maximum Stamina increased by 25.
Metabolic Purge.png
100 SilverIcon.gif  |  Passive

Passive skill that increases Corruption Corruption resistance by 10%.

Tier 2: Breakthrough Skill[]

Learning this skill will let you learn more advanced Speedster skills, but keep in mind that you can only specialize in three classes and your choice of specialization is permanent.

1 BreakthroughIcon.png, 500 SilverIcon.gif  |  Passive

Reduce all skill Cooldowns by 10% per Alertness level.

Tier 3: Specialization Skills[]

More advanced skills for those that specialize as a Speedster. The skills Blitz and Anticipation are mutually exclusive - when you choose one, you can never learn the other.

600 SilverIcon.gif  |  500s Cooldown

Removes 2 Alertness levels, instantly resets the cooldown of the next skill used in the next 3 minutes.
Unerring Read.png
600 SilverIcon.gif  |  120s Cooldown

Removes 1 Alertness levels, cancels the next hit received in the next 20 seconds.
600 SilverIcon.gif  |  Passive

Increases Sprinting speed by 5% and running attack damage by 10% per Alertness level.
600 SilverIcon.gif  |  Passive

Increases physical protection stat by 2 per Alertness level.

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