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Disambig.png This article is about the faction. For the quest of the same name, see Sand Corsairs.
The Sand Corsairs
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Old Levant
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The Sand Corsairs are a minor faction in Outward. They represent Old Levant, and oppose the ruling power in Levant.

Their banner is prominently displayed outside many dungeons in Abrassar, so presumably most Desert Bandits the player encounters are in fact Sand Corsairs.


Much is learned about the history of Abrassar and The Sand Corsairs through dialogue with NPCs during Heroic Kingdom faction quests.

  • "Abrassar wasn't always a desert. It was once fertile and lush. The Scourge hit the region hard and scattered the tribes that called it home. One beast in particular had the entire region under its control for nearly fifty years. No one would dare venture out into the sands, day or night. The current King Simeon and Queen Calixa led an army to kill it, and they succeeded. Elatt himself declared that they were to rule Abrassar as a reward. And so they have, ever since." - Alda
  • While they do not seem to actively practice the Cabal of Wind to the degree that Adalbert does, The Sand Corsairs still worship the Cabal of Wind, due to the fact that they do not recognize Elatt as a true God, and disagree with his decision to allow the Heroic Kingdom to rule the desert. This is learned from Alda during Tending the Flame in Berg.


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Elatt gave away what he had no right to. I have proof that our clan is of the true tribe of Levant, and that we should be recognized as such. We deserve better than to be scavengers and bandits picking at bones.
~ Alda
Bow, Levantine rat. For you stand before the rightful king of Abrassar! I am Zagis, Chamberlord of Old Levant, lord of the Sand Corsairs.
~ Zagis

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