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Tending the Flame
Quest Giver
Heroic Kingdom
Quest Type
Main Quest
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Looking to the Future
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Sand Corsairs

Tending the Flame is the first faction quest for The Heroic Kingdom of Levant in Outward, and the fourth in the series of main quests.

Quest Summary[]

After the player gains citizenship either through Cyrene or Baron Montgomery, Cyrene will task the player with serving as a bodyguard for Kirouac, one of Levant's ambassadors. Kirouac has been sent on a diplomatic mission to resolve an issue involving Old Levant, The Blue Chamber Collective, and The Heroic Kingdom of Levant, also known as New Levant.

In short, Old Levant claims to be the rightful rulers of Abrassar, which Elatt awarded to the Heroic Kingdom for purging Abrassar of The Devourer and the other Scourge beasts. Old Levant has been unsuccessful in getting Abrassar back from the Heroic Kingdom through force. Now Old Levant is trying to get its land back through diplomatic means, primarily by siding with the Blue Chamber Collective, which the Heroic Kingdom once belonged to.



The player talks to Cyrene in Levant.

Talk to Cyrene, in the city of Levant, inside the Abrassar desert.

Talk to Cyrene in Levant. She will inform you that you are to serve as a bodyguard for Kirouac, one of Levant's ambassadors who has traveled to Berg. Cyrene tells you to meet her at the Blue Chamber in Berg, and attend the council meeting.

Blue Chamber Meeting[]

Talk to Cyrene in the Blue Chamber. The chamber is in the city of Berg, inside the Enmerkar Forest.
Talk to Kapros, inside the Blue Chamber, near its entrance.

Head to Berg in the Enmerkar Forest and enter the Blue Chamber building, where a meeting is taking place.

The player talks to Kapros in the Blue Chamber

Talk to Cyrene in the Blue Chamber building first. This is important, if you don't talk to her she may not appear back in Levant.

Talk to Kapros at the top of the stairs back near the entrance, and he says that there is information in the archives which is highly important regarding Old Levant's claims. You have a choice between two major branching options.

Help Kapros:

  • Choose option Tex men talkIcon.png 1 to help, and Kapros will tell you to head down into the Necropolis.
  • There are two Bandits waiting for you - this was a setup, and you are being ambushed!
  • If you defeat the attackers:
    • There will be a note on the ground back towards the door. Read it.
    • Skip to the "Burnt Outpost" section.
  • If you are defeated by the Bandits:
    • You will be framed for the attack, and are unable to enter Berg until further notice.
    • You can still climb up the ladder and find the note in Ancestor's Resting Place if you wish.

Do not help Kapros:

  • Choose option Tex men talkIcon.png 2 and leave the Blue Chamber.
  • Walk until you hear an explosion. You can optionally double back into Ancestor's Resting Place from the Necropolis, though this is not necessary.

[Optional] Ancestor's Resting Place[]

The player finds Balthazar Berthelot's body

Find Balthazar and clues in the Ancestor's Resting Place, via the Necropolis under the Blue Chamber.

This section is optional, and it is only possible to complete if you did not prevent the attack. If you did prevent it or if you don't want to do it, skip to the "Burnt Outpost" section.

If you did not help Kapros, head back into the Blue Chamber to find Sagard and Gabriella fighting two Bandits. Help them or wait for them to defeat them, and then talk to them. After the conversation, head down into the Necropolis.

From inside Necropolis, climb up the ladder into Ancestor's Resting Place. In the first room you find yourself in there are two aggressive Bandit Slaves, who can easily be ignored. There is a lever at the end of the room which opens up the metal door. It gets very dark, so light a lantern or torch for the next section. Head to the left past some Assassin Bugs until you reach a sheer cliff. You can safely drop down into the water below, where you will find an aggressive Mana Mantis and various Bandits. All you need to do here is quickly read the note next to Balthazar to progress the quest. You will then need to find your way out either by heading back up towards the Bandit Slaves, or via the other exit which leads to the area north of Berg.

Burnt Outpost[]

Rissa and Kirouac trapped in cells.

Kill the mercenaries inside the outpost in the burnt forest, in the south of Enmerkar.

Tip: players interested in completing the Heroic Kingdom Parallel Quest Blood Under The Sun may desire to save time by heading to the Inn first, to start it before leaving Berg.

Head to the Burnt Outpost in south-eastern Enmerkar Forest, south of the 'Huge Burning Tree' marker. Take caution as there are aggressive Burning Men and an Obsidian Elemental in the area. Head inside the large wooden building towards the back of the camp.

Inside, defeat the two aggressive Bandits. If you are defeated, you will simply wake up in the exterior of the camp and have to try again.

If you did not prevent the attack, talk to Rissa and Kirouac to free them from their cells. Rissa will reward you with 1 Gold Ingot.

Finishing Up[]

Talk to Cyrene, in the city of Levant, inside Abrassar.

Report to Cyrene in Levant to complete the quest.


Attack Prevented[]

Failed to Prevent Attack[]

Framed for Attack[]


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