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Template used to display sources for an Item.

This template invokes the ItemSources Lua module.

Defining a Source


Simply type {{ItemSources}} on the desired page to list all sources. You do not need to specify the name field, but it's there as an option, or if the game uses a slightly different spelling to what the Wiki uses (eg. for Scholar's Staff or Royal Great-Khopesh).


{{ItemSources|name=Blue Sand}}
Unique SourcesQuest SourcesGatherable Sources
Blue Sand (Gatherable) 1 - 2100%
Fishing/Beach 117.6%
Fishing/Cave 115.2%
Fishing/River (Chersonese) 115.2%
Fishing/River (Enmerkar Forest) 115.2%
Fishing/Caldera The Three Brothers 19.7%
Merchant Sources
Tamara the Smuggler 1 - 1536.1%Levant
Fishmonger Karl 13.4%Cierzo
Enemy Drops
Torcrab The Three Brothers 1 - 230.6%
Drifting Medyse The Three Brothers 125%
Elder Medyse The Three Brothers 125%
Quartz Beetle The Three Brothers 120%
Ghost (Red) 114.3%
Crescent Shark 113.6%
Mantis Shrimp 112.1%
Quartz Gastrocin The Three Brothers 111.8%
Ghost (Caldera) 18%
Ghost (Purple) 18%
Ghost (Red Lady) 18%
Animated Skeleton (Miner) 1 - 23.5%
Loot Container Sources
Adventurer's Corpse 1 - 25%Caldera
Calygrey Chest 1 - 25%Ark of the Exiled
Calygrey Colosseum/Chest The Three Brothers 1 - 25%Calygrey Colosseum
Chest 1 - 25%Heroic Kingdom's Conflux Path, Lost Golem Manufacturing Facility, Old Harmattan Basement, Old Sirocco, Steam Bath Tunnels, The Tower of Regrets
Corpse 1 - 25%Caldera, Old Sirocco, Scarlet Sanctuary
Hollowed Trunk 1 - 25%Caldera
Junk Pile 1 - 25%Caldera
Knight's Corpse 1 - 25%Old Sirocco
Ornate Chest 1 - 25%Abrassar, Ancient Hive, Antique Plateau, Ark of the Exiled, Cabal of Wind Temple, Caldera, Cierzo (Destroyed), Crumbling Loading Docks, Dark Ziggurat Interior, Destroyed Test Chambers, Enmerkar Forest, Face of the Ancients, Forgotten Research Laboratory, Old Sirocco, Royal Manticore's Lair, Ruined Warehouse, Sand Rose Cave, Scarlet Sanctuary, Spire of Light, Steam Bath Tunnels, Sulphuric Caverns, The Eldest Brother, The River of Red, The Slide, The Vault of Stone, Vigil Pylon, Voltaic Hatchery, Ziggurat Passage
Gladiator's Arena/Chest The Three Brothers 11.5%New Sirocco

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