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Template used to manually define an ItemSource, for the ItemSources Template.

This template should be used on the source page (eg. the Quest, Location, NPC, or whatever it may be), not on the item page itself.

Currently, will usually not display anything, unless you're defining a Spawn source and also define the "show" parameter with anything.


  • itemName = name of the item
  • type = One of: Quest, Spawn, Unique
  • minQty = Minimum quantity received. Defaults to 1
  • maxQty = Maximum quantity received. Defaults to minQty (or 1, if minQty undefined)
  • notes =
    • For Quest, give information about how to get this reward where applicable (eg "Perfect Success, from Rissa")
    • For Spawn or Unique, give some details and context (eg. "on a box in the south room" or "choose dialog option 2, then 3 to get this item")
  • show = currently just for item spawns. Define with anything to display a bullet point with the spawn info.


For a spawn, which you want to show on the page:

 {{ItemSource | itemName = Iron Sword | type = Spawn | minQty = 2 | notes = found on a box in the south room | show = y }} 

This is the documentation page, it should be transcluded into the main template page. See Template:Doc for more information.