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This is just a generic infobox with a few sample fields.


| name     = Name of the quest.
| image    = 
| size     = //optional, default is 250x200px
| questgiver   = Name of the questgiver.
| location = Location of the questgiver.
| faction = Name of related faction, if any.
| prereq  = [For small quests] Prerequisites, if any.
| type  = One of: Main, Minor
| previous = Name of previous quest
| next = Name of next quest.
| timed = One of: {{tick}} or {{x}}, whether quest is timed
| dynamic = One of: {{tick}} or {{x}}, whether the quest has dynamic outcomes (failure, major branching choices, etc)
| repeatable = One of: {{tick}} or {{x}}, whether the quest is repeatable
| repeatTime = If quest is repeatable, how long that repeat time is.