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This template is used to define a source for the EffectSources template.


    effect = Name of Effect being referenced, as it is used on wiki.
    type = One of: PlayerInflicts, PlayerReceives, InflictsPlayer, Requires, Removes, BenefitsFrom
    effectlevel = For "Vitals Recovery" effects, type the effect level.
    buildup = For Weapon, Imbue and Enemy hit-effect "Build-Up" values
    chance = For sources which use a "chance" value, type the chance as a % value (without the "%" symbol)
    show = Leave blank to hide this from appearing on the page. Define with anything to show.
    consumes = This simply adds the text "and consumes", if this effect is being shown.


For Brand which inflicts Pain and Chill:

{{EffectReference | effect = Pain | type = PlayerInflicts | buildup = 60 | show = y }}
{{EffectReference | effect = Chill | type = PlayerInflicts | buildup = 60 | show = y }}