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The Temperature display on the Needs menu, currently at Neutral.

Temperature is an Attribute and Mechanic in Outward, representing the player's body temperature. If the player becomes too Hot hot or too Cold cold, they will suffer various penalties, or even receive Defeat Scenarios.


Temperature Sources (such as the Weather itself, fires, or various environmental features) will passively increase or decrease the player's current Temperature attribute. This effect seems to occur every few seconds, increasing or decreasing the player's temperature by a fraction of the temperature, against the player's Weather Defense attributes.

So for example, if the current temperature is Hot +40 and you have 25 HotWeather.png Hot Weather Defense, you would be affected by +15 Hot temperature every few seconds. On your "Needs" menu, this number is indicated on the Temperature bar. The actual amount that your temperature changes by is only a fraction of this temperature difference, but it will continue to affect you until you either escape the temperature source, manage to control it, or pass out.

Natural Weather[]

Different regions in Aurai have different temperatures when the player is outdoors. This is the most significant way in which the player's Temperature is affected.

  • In all regions, it becomes notably colder during the night. Daytime is 5am to 9:59pm, and Nighttime is between 10pm to 4:59am.
  • Rain will result in the Wet status effect, and can occur in all regions except Abrassar.
  • Some regions in Outward also have seasons, which generally last between 15 and 30 days. However, a Season will not change until you reload the region (for example, entering and leaving a City, or by sleeping).

The current regional temperature is visible from the Map screen near the time of day, described as an adjective:

  • Hot Hottest (+40)
  • Hot Very Hot (+20)
  • Neutral (+/- 0)
  • Cold Fresh (-14 or -15)
  • Cold Very Cold (-30)
  • Cold Coldest: (-45)

See the Weather section on each Region page for more details about the Weather in each region.


The player's current temperature can be seen from the 'Needs' menu, and from the indicator in the bottom-left corner of the UI. When it falls above or below certain thresholds, the player will receive an associated Status Effect:

  • A temperature of 41 to 59 is considered Neutral, and the player receives no penalties or burdens.
  • Hot Needs: Hot is received when the player's temperature reaches 60. Very Hot is received at 75.
  • Cold Needs: Cold is received when the player's temperature reaches 40. Very Cold is received at 25.

Managing Temperature[]

A player warms up by a Campfire.

Players can manage their temperature in a variety of ways. They may employ special clothing, eat particular consumables, or make use of environmental features.

  • Cities, indoor areas and most dungeons are neutral temperature, allowing the player to warm up or cool down.
    • Certain dungeons with a fire or ice theme will likely affect the player's temperature, however.
  • Fires such as a Campfire Kit will greatly increase the player's temperature if they stand close enough. The effect ranges from +14 to +28 Hot
  • Makeshift Torch increases your temperature by +8 to +14 Hot, and an Ice-Flame Torch cools you down by -8 to -14 Cold
  • A Sigil of Fire will warm players up by +28 Hot
  • Mystic Fire Imbue will warm players up by +14 Hot
  • Kelvin's Greataxe will cool the player down by -14 Cold

Weather Defense Attributes[]

The player has Cold Weather Cold Weather Def and HotWeather.png Hot Weather Def stats. Cold defense is added to your temperature if it is below 0, and Hot defense is subtracted when it is above 0. However, these stats will never cause your temperature to go above or below 0.

Hot Weather Defense[]


CoolFlat84 minutes
Healing Water (Effect)Flat103 minutes
Hot Weather DefenseFlat154 minutes
Plant TentFlat1040 minutes
Sleep: Giants The Three BrothersFlat540 minutes
Sleep: LevantFlat540 minutes
Sleep: New Sirocco The Three BrothersFlat540 minutes
Sparkling Water (Effect) The Three BrothersFlat103 minutes
Water EffectFlat103 minutes
Weather DefenseFlat2010 minutes


Weather ToleranceFlat8


Cocoon The SoroboreansFlat4 to 6

Cold Weather Defense[]


Cold Weather Def UpFlat154 minutes
Fur TentFlat1040 minutes
Sleep: New Sirocco The Three BrothersFlat540 minutes
WarmFlat84 minutes
Weather DefenseFlat2010 minutes
WetFlat-28 seconds


Weather ToleranceFlat8


Cocoon The SoroboreansFlat4 to 6

Weather Defense Equipment[]

Show/Hide table
IconNamePhysicalEtherealDecayLightningFrostFireImpact.pngProtectionBarrierStatus ResistanceDamage Bonus%HotWeather.pngCold WeatherStamina CostMana CostCooldownMovementPouch BonusDurabilityWeightEffects
Adventurer Armor.pngAdventurer Armor16%25%1221063%-3%529010.0
Adventurer Boots.pngAdventurer Boots10%15%8532%-2%2906.0
Adventurer's Helm.pngAdventurer's Helm10%15%8532%15%-2%2903.0
Ammolite Armor.pngAmmolite Armor15%30%25110 Physical
Ammolite Boots.pngAmmolite Boots9%15%141Physical
Ammolite Helm.pngAmmolite Helm9%15%141Physical
Antique Plate Boots.pngAntique Plate Boots The Soroboreans8%63Ethereal
10 Fire
Antique Plate Garb.pngAntique Plate Garb The Soroboreans15%8410 Ethereal
15 Fire
Antique Plate Sallet.pngAntique Plate Sallet The Soroboreans8%62Ethereal
10 Fire
Arcane Hood.pngArcane Hood6%20%20%313-10%1801.0
Arcane Robe.pngArcane Robe10%20%20%20%410 Frost
Ash Armor.pngAsh Armor13%30%814142058.0
Ash Boots.pngAsh Boots7%20%5772054.0
Ash-Filter Mask.pngAsh-Filter Mask7%20%5772053.0
Barrier Armor.pngBarrier Armor The Three Brothers15%135610%6004.0
Barrier Boots.pngBarrier Boots The Three Brothers8%9445%6002.0
Barrier Helm.pngBarrier Helm The Three Brothers8%9445%6001.0
Beige Garb.pngBeige Garb3%26903.0
Dancer Clothes.pngBlack Dancer Clothes3%414-25%1801.0
Black Fur Armor.pngBlack Fur Armor20%25%17244608.0
Black Fur Boots.pngBlack Fur Boots11%10%10124604.0
Black Fur Helmet.pngBlack Fur Helmet12%15%12124603.0
Black Plate Armor.pngBlack Plate Armor23%193-15106%-6%32519.0
Black Plate Boots.pngBlack Plate Boots16%11254%-4%32513.0
Black Plate Helm.pngBlack Plate Helm16%11254%40%-4%3259.0
Black Worker Boots.pngBlack Worker Boots1%13901.0
Dancer Clothes.pngBlue Light Clothes2%3151503.0
Brigand Coat.pngBrigand Coat15%76316510.0
Brigand's Hat.pngBrigand's Hat10%531655.0
Bright Nobleman Attire.pngBright Nobleman Attire3%414-10%1654.0
Bright Nobleman Boots.pngBright Nobleman Boots2%37-5%1652.0
Bright Nobleman Hat.pngBright Nobleman Hat2%37-5%1651.0
Bright Rich Attire.pngBright Rich Attire3%414-10%1654.0
Bright Rich Hat.pngBright Rich Hat2%37-5%1651.0
Candle Plate Armor.pngCandle Plate Armor28%30%30%233-1266%-6%53018.0
Candle Plate Boots.pngCandle Plate Boots20%15%15%13234%-4%53012.0
Candle Plate Helm.pngCandle Plate Helm20%15%15%13234%15%-4%5308.0
Chalcedony Boots.pngChalcedony Boots The Three Brothers14%1242104%-3%45012.0
Chitin Desert Tunic.pngChitin Desert Tunic13%28201809.0
Clansage Robe.pngClansage Robe10%20%415-20%1804.0
Dancer Clothes.pngCrimson Dancer Clothes3%414-25%1801.0
Crimson Plate Armor.pngCrimson Plate Armor23%30%23321 Frost
Crimson Plate Boots.pngCrimson Plate Boots18%30%13211 Frost
Crimson Plate Mask.pngCrimson Plate Mask18%30%13211 Frost
Dancer Leggings.pngDancer Leggings1%26-15%1501.0
Dancer Mask.pngDancer Mask1%36-15%1800.5
Dark Green Garb.pngDark Green Garb3%23903.0
Dark Nobleman Attire.pngDark Nobleman Attire3%414-10%1654.0
Dark Nobleman Boots.pngDark Nobleman Boots2%37-5%1652.0
Dark Nobleman Hat.pngDark Nobleman Hat2%37-5%1651.0
Dark Red Garb.pngDark Red Garb3%23903.0
Dark Rich Attire.pngDark Rich Attire3%414-10%1654.0
Dark Rich Hat.pngDark Rich Hat2%37-5%1651.0
Dark Worker Attire.pngDark Worker Attire3%26903.0
Dark Worker Hood.pngDark Worker Hood1%113901.0
Desert Boots.pngDesert Boots7%51010%1802.0
Desert Tunic.pngDesert Tunic11%7201654.0
Desert Veil.pngDesert Veil6%5101652.0
Elite Desert Tunic.pngElite Desert Tunic20%14216-10%2908.0
Elite Desert Veil.pngElite Desert Veil13%918-10%5%2902.0
Elite Hood.pngElite Hood13%30%918-10%2903.0
Entomber Armor.pngEntomber Armor21%30%30%1416-5%5%2457.0
Entomber Boots.pngEntomber Boots12%15%15%107-5%5%2453.0
Entomber Hat.pngEntomber Hat12%15%15%107-5%5%2452.0
Fur Armor.pngFur Armor12%20%9201808.0
Fur Boots.pngFur Boots6%10%6101804.0
Fur Helm.pngFur Helm6%10%5101803.0
Gray Garb.pngGray Garb3%23903.0
Green Garb.pngGreen Garb3%23903.0
Green Worker Attire.pngGreen Worker Attire3%26903.0
Kazite Light Armor.pngKazite Light Armor The Soroboreans16%12104%2406.0
Light Kazite Shirt.pngLight Kazite Shirt The Soroboreans16%12104%2408.0
Looter Armor.pngLooter Armor6%11101204.0
Looter Mask.pngLooter Mask4%1051201.0
Makeshift Leather Attire.pngMakeshift Leather Attire7%81051206.0
Makeshift Leather Boots.pngMakeshift Leather Boots4%651204.0
Makeshift Leather Hat.pngMakeshift Leather Hat4%651203.0
Manawall Armor.pngManawall Armor The Three Brothers15%134510 Ethereal
Manawall Boots.pngManawall Boots The Three Brothers8%93410 Ethereal
Manawall Helm.pngManawall Helm The Three Brothers8%93410 Ethereal
Master Desert Boots.pngMaster Desert Boots14%1118-3%5%3005.0
Master Desert Tunic.pngMaster Desert Tunic22%17216-7%5%4208.0
Master Desert Veil.pngMaster Desert Veil14%1118-3%-15%5%3002.0
Master Trader Boots.pngMaster Trader Boots7%655-5%15%22451.0
Master Trader Garb.pngMaster Trader Garb13%71010-10%5%82453.0
Master Trader Hat.pngMaster Trader Hat7%455-15%5%22451.0
Militia Armor.pngMilitia Armor The Three Brothers20%142103%-3%30012.0Prevents Burning
Militia Boots.pngMilitia Boots The Three Brothers13%9152%-2%3008.0Prevents Hampered
Militia Helm.pngMilitia Helm The Three Brothers13%9152%5%-2%3005.0Prevents Confusion
Miner Armor.pngMiner Armor The Three Brothers10%11101204.0Prevents Burning
Miner Boots.pngMiner Boots The Three Brothers5%751202.0Prevents Hampered.
Miner Helmet.pngMiner Helmet The Three Brothers5%351201.0Prevents Confusion
Noble Clothes.pngNoble Clothes The Three Brothers9%20%20%10%57-10%5%2504.0
Noble Mask.pngNoble Mask The Three Brothers4%20%10%10%34-5%2501.0
Noble Shoes.pngNoble Shoes The Three Brothers4%10%10%20%34-5%10%2502.0
Orichalcum Armor.pngOrichalcum Armor26%193-15155%-6%43019.0
Orichalcum Boots.pngOrichalcum Boots18%112103%-4%43013.0
Orichalcum Helmet.pngOrichalcum Helmet18%112103%30%-4%4309.0
Padded Armor.pngPadded Armor9%15%13101508.0
Padded Boots.pngPadded Boots5%7%951504.0
Padded Helm.pngPadded Helm5%7%951503.0
Dancer Clothes.pngPale Light Clothes2%3151503.0
Pale Worker's Hood.pngPale Worker's Hood1%113901.0
Pathfinder Armor.pngPathfinder Armor20%15%12212123%-3%37512.0
Pathfinder Boots.pngPathfinder Boots13%15%71662%-2%3758.0
Pathfinder Mask.pngPathfinder Mask13%15%71662%15%-2%3755.0
Patterned Worker Attire.pngPatterned Worker Attire3%26903.0
Patterned Worker Hood.pngPatterned Worker Hood1%113901.0
Pearlescent Mail.pngPearlescent Mail25%1615 Physical
Petrified Wood Armor.pngPetrified Wood Armor18%30%172103%-3%23510.0
Petrified Wood Boots.pngPetrified Wood Boots12%15%12152%-2%2356.0
Petrified Wood Helm.pngPetrified Wood Helm12%15%12152%10%-2%2353.0
Pilgrim Armor.pngPilgrim Armor30%18210107%-4%1041020.0
Pilgrim Boots.pngPilgrim Boots17%111884%-2%54108.0
Pilgrim Helmet.pngPilgrim Helmet17%112884%15%-2%54108.0
Purple Dancer Clothes.pngPurple Dancer Clothes3%414-25%1801.0
Purple Festive Attire.pngPurple Festive Attire5%310-10%1504.0
Purple Festive Hat.pngPurple Festive Hat2%26-5%1501.0
Red Clansage Robe.pngRed Clansage Robe20%20%4Lightning
Red Festive Attire.pngRed Festive Attire5%310-10%1504.0
Red Festive Hat.pngRed Festive Hat2%26-5%1501.0
Red Light Clothes.pngRed Light Clothes2%3151503.0
Red Wide Hat.pngRed Wide Hat8%610 Decay
10 Frost
Scavenger Boots.pngScavenger Boots5%431504.0
Scavenger Coat.pngScavenger Coat9%6641508.0
Scavenger Hood.pngScavenger Hood5%431503.0
Scavenger Mask.pngScavenger Mask5%431503.0
Scavenger Scarf.pngScavenger Scarf6%531653.0
Scholar Attire.pngScholar Attire9%466-10%1654.0
Scholar Boots.pngScholar Boots5%33-10%1652.0
Scholar Circlet.pngScholar Circlet4%33-10%1651.0
Shadow Kazite Light Armor.pngShadow Kazite Light Armor The Soroboreans20%1421210%3006.0
Shadow Light Kazite Shirt.pngShadow Light Kazite Shirt The Soroboreans20%1421210%3006.0
Simple Shoes.pngSimple Shoes1%13901.0
Slayer's Armor.pngSlayer's Armor The Three Brothers22%10%10%92012 Physical
Slayer's Boots.pngSlayer's Boots The Three Brothers14%10%715Physical
Slayer's Helmet.pngSlayer's Helmet The Three Brothers16%5%5%715Physical
Squire Boots.pngSquire Boots9%15%15%1255-15%5%4705.0
Straw Hat.pngStraw Hat4%252001.0
Striped Garb.pngStriped Garb3%23903.0
Tattered Attire.pngTattered Attire2%222903.0
Tattered Boots.pngTattered Boots1%111902.0
Tattered Hood.pngTattered Hood1%111901.0
Tenebrous Armor.pngTenebrous Armor17%15%15%15%1010 Ethereal
Tenebrous Boots.pngTenebrous Boots9%7%7%7%7Ethereal
10 Decay
Tenebrous Helm.pngTenebrous Helm9%7%7%7%7Ethereal
10 Decay
Trader Boots.pngTrader Boots4%232002.0
Trader Garb.pngTrader Garb8%3682004.0
Tsar Armor.pngTsar Armor28%40%236106%-11%23.0
Tsar Boots.pngTsar Boots20%20%13454%-9%17.0
Tsar Helm.pngTsar Helm20%20%13454%15%-9%13.0
Vigilante Armor.pngVigilante Armor The Three Brothers22%162107%-3%34012.0Prevents Burning
Vigilante Boots.pngVigilante Boots The Three Brothers14%10155%-2%3408.0Prevents Hampered
Vigilante Helm.pngVigilante Helm The Three Brothers14%10155%5%-2%3405.0Prevents Confusion
White Arcane Hood.pngWhite Arcane Hood10%20%20%31Ethereal
White Arcane Robe.pngWhite Arcane Robe14%20%20%20%4Decay
White Wide Hat.pngWhite Wide Hat8%610 Lightning
10 Fire
Wide Black Hat.pngWide Black Hat8%610 Fire
Wide Blue Hat.pngWide Blue Hat8%610 Frost
Wolf Mage Armor.pngWolf Mage Armor The Soroboreans9%201Ethereal
Wolf Mage Boots.pngWolf Mage Boots The Soroboreans4%1115-10%2252.0
Wolf Medic Armor.pngWolf Medic Armor The Soroboreans20%142103%-5%-3%30012.0Recover +0.1 Health Health per second
Wolf Medic Helmet.pngWolf Medic Helmet The Soroboreans13%9152%-5%-2%3005.0Recover +0.05 Health Health per second
Wolf Plate Armor.pngWolf Plate Armor26%30%203-1266%-4%46016.0
Wolf Plate Boots.pngWolf Plate Boots18%15%12234%-1%46010.0
Wolf Plate Helm.pngWolf Plate Helm18%15%12234%15%-4%4606.0
Worker Boots.pngWorker Boots1%13901.0
Zagis' Armor.pngZagis' Armor28%23315 Physical
Zagis' Mask.pngZagis' Mask20%13210 Physical

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