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The Temperature display on the Needs menu, currently at Neutral.

Temperature is an Attribute and Mechanic in Outward, representing the player's body temperature. If the player becomes too Hot hot or too Cold cold, they will suffer various penalties, or even receive Defeat Scenarios.

Temperature Effect[]

Temperature Sources (such as the Weather itself, fires, or various environmental features) will passively increase or decrease the player's current Temperature attribute. This effect seems to occur every few seconds, increasing or decreasing the player's temperature by a fraction of the temperature, against the player's Weather Defense attributes.

So for example, if the current temperature is Hot +40 and you have 25 HotWeather.png Hot Weather Defense, you would be affected by +15 Hot temperature every few seconds. On your "Needs" menu, this number is indicated on the Temperature bar. The actual amount that your temperature changes by is only a fraction of this temperature difference, but it will continue to affect you until you either escape the temperature source, manage to control it, or pass out.


The player's current temperature can be seen from the 'Needs' menu, and from the indicator in the bottom-left corner of the UI. When it falls above or below certain thresholds, the player will receive an associated Status Effect:

  • A temperature of 41 to 59 is considered Neutral, and the player receives no penalties or burdens.
  • Hot Needs: Hot is received when the player's temperature reaches 60. Very Hot is received at 75.
  • Cold Needs: Cold is received when the player's temperature reaches 40. Very Cold is received at 25.

Weather Defense Attributes[]

The player has Cold Weather Cold Weather Def and HotWeather.png Hot Weather Def stats. Cold defense is added to your temperature if it is below 0, and Hot defense is subtracted when it is above 0. However, these stats will never cause your temperature to go above or below 0.

You can increase these stats with Equipment, as well as Effects and Skills (see below)

Managing Temperature[]

A player warms up by a Campfire.

Players can manage their temperature in a variety of ways. They may employ special clothing, eat particular consumables, or make use of environmental features.

  • Cities, indoor areas and most dungeons are neutral temperature, allowing the player to warm up or cool down.
    • Certain dungeons with a fire or ice theme will likely affect the player's temperature, however.
  • Fires such as a Campfire Kit will greatly increase the player's temperature if they stand close enough. The effect ranges from +14 to +28 Hot
  • Makeshift Torch increases your temperature by +8 to +14 Hot, and an Ice-Flame Torch cools you down by -8 to -14 Cold

Status Effects[]

Sleep Effects




Different regions in Aurai have different temperatures when the player is outdoors. This is the most significant way in which the player's Temperature is affected.

Seasons generally last between 25-40 days, however not all regions have seasons.

In all regions, it becomes notably colder during the night. Daytime is 5am to 9:59pm, and Nighttime is between 10pm to 4:59am.

Rain will result in the Wet status effect, and can occur in all regions except Abrassar.

Some regions in Outward also have seasons, which generally last between 15 and 20 days. However, a Season will not change until you reload the region (for example, entering and leaving a City, or by sleeping).

The current regional temperature is visible from the Map screen near the time of day, described as an adjective:

  • Hot Hottest (+40)
  • Hot Very Hot (+20)
  • Neutral (+/- 0)
  • Cold Fresh (-14 or -15)
  • Cold Very Cold (-30)
  • Cold Coldest: (-45)

See the Weather section on each Region page for more details about the Weather in each region:

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