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Tamara the Smuggler
NPC Data
The Heroic Kingdom of Levant
Merchant (Other)
Gives quests
Lost Merchant (quest)
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Tamara the Smuggler is a Merchant in the Slums in Outward.

Tamara will appear after the player has sufficiently helped the Slums, such as by completing the Silver for the Slums quest. She sells various high level Equipment and other items, and offers the repeatable quest Lost Merchant.

Price Modifiers

Tamara the Smuggler is affected by Levant's price modifiers. Items cost 1.75x as much to buy from this store, and will sell for 1.2x more.

If Blood Under The Sun is successfully completed, the buy modifier is restored to the normal 1.0x rate, however the 1.2x sell price will still be in effect.


Guaranteed Stock

Chimera Pistol.png Chimera Pistol (1)

Note: Only guaranteed if Blood Under The Sun has been successfully completed.

Random Stock 1
This drop table will be rolled 15 times.

ItemsChance *
Empty drop2.94%
Poison Varnish.png Poison Varnish (1)2.94% (36%)
Mana Stone.png Mana Stone (1)2.94% (36%)
Firefly powder.png Firefly powder (1)5.86% (60%)
Pathfinder Armor.png Pathfinder Armor (1)2.94% (36%)
Pathfinder Mask.png Pathfinder Mask (1)2.94% (36%)
Pathfinder Boots.png Pathfinder Boots (1)2.94% (36%)
Manticore Tail.png Manticore Tail (1)2.94% (36%)
Gold-Lich Mechanism.png Gold-Lich Mechanism (1)2.94% (36%)
Horror Chitin.png Horror Chitin (1)2.94% (36%)
Crystal Powder.png Crystal Powder (1)2.94% (36%)
Alpha Tuanosaur Tail.png Alpha Tuanosaur Tail (1)2.94% (36%)
Great Life Potion.png Great Life Potion (1)2.94% (36%)
Great Astral Potion.png Great Astral Potion (1)2.94% (36%)
Great Endurance Potion.png Great Endurance Potion (1)2.94% (36%)
Stoneflesh Elixir.png Stoneflesh Elixir (1)2.94% (36%)
Warrior Elixir.png Warrior Elixir (1)2.94% (36%)
Survivor Elixir.png Survivor Elixir (1)2.94% (36%)
Golem Elixir.png Golem Elixir (1)2.94% (36%)
Pathfinder Claymore.png Pathfinder Claymore (1)2.94% (36%)
Wolf Sword.png Wolf Sword (1)4.41% (49%)
Wolf Claymore.png Wolf Claymore (1)4.41% (49%)
Wolf Shield.png Wolf Shield (1)4.41% (49%)
Wolf Plate Full-Helm.png Wolf Plate Full-Helm (1)4.41% (49%)
Wolf Plate Boots.png Wolf Plate Boots (1)4.41% (49%)
Wolf Plate Armor.png Wolf Plate Armor (1)4.41% (49%)
Giantkind Greataxe.png Giantkind Greataxe (1)2.94% (36%)
Giantkind Halberd.png Giantkind Halberd (1)2.94% (36%)
Occult Remains.png Occult Remains (1)2.94% (36%)
Blue Sand.png Blue Sand (1)2.94% (36%)

* The second number indicates the total chance of receiving the drop at least once, from 15 rolls.


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