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Stone Titan Caves
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Stone Titan Caves
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Stone Titan Caves is a marked dungeon found in the Abrassar region, home to bandits and strange rune stones.


There are a total of three entrances to Stone Titan Caves:

  • The primary entrance at the top of the dungeon, a short distance north-east of the Map Marker
  • A secondary entrance north-west of the marker, on a ledge near the bridge to Old Levant
  • A partially hidden entrance to the east, on a separate hill

Quest Involvement[]

This location is involved in the quest Truth and Purpose, during which Oliele and the player travel around Abrassar. During the quest, an Ash Giant Priest can be found at the bottom of the cave.

Rune Stones[]

There are five glowing Rune Stones found throughout the caves. For a transcript of the messages on these stones.

Interacting with four of these runes will reward the player with the Sunfall Axe at the bottom of the dungeon.

  1. Found right near the top-most entrance of the caves
  2. From the first rune, head down and keep to the right, then go down the wooden ramp ahead. The rune stone is near the Obsidian Elemental.
  3. Go down the giant sword in the main area and continue down through the dungeon. One of the paths leads to a wooden hole which drops down to several platforms below. Walk around it and interact with the rune stone behind it.
  4. Drop down to the platforms until you reach the bottom, and find the fourth stone near an Ice Witch and several bandits on this level.
  5. The final rune stone is found at the end of a path from the very bottom of the dungeon, and leads to a room with a large rune message on a wall, the fifth rune stone, and the Sunfall Axe if you interacted with the 4 previous stones.

The runes in this room at the bottom read: "VENTS CONDAMNE ELATT", or "Winds condemns Elatt".

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During Truth and Purpose:


Item Spawns:

  • Sunfall Axe - interact with all 4 Rune Stones in the Caves, then collect the axe from the area at the bottom on the 5th stone.

Loot containers:


Defeat Scenarios[]

ScenarioTime ProgressionRespawn Locations
Beaten and bloody, but alive4-47 hourssame location as defeat
Nursed to health at the Levant house9-13 daysLevant
Nursed to health at the Levant Inn9-13 daysLevant
Saved by Friendly Immaculate8-12 hoursImmaculate's Camp
Saved by Gep23-73 hoursChersonese, Hallowed Marsh, Abrassar, Enmerkar Forest, Antique Plateau or Caldera