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Stealth is an attribute in Outward, which determines how easily the player can be detected by enemies. It can be affected by some skills and effects, but is most commonly affected by the player's actions directly.

Stat Attributes[]

Stealth is not something which is explained in detail in-game, so players have had to work it out themselves.

The stat affects:

  • The range at which enemies can detect you, visually or otherwise
  • The likelihood of enemies detecting you when you are within this range

Managing Stealth[]

Stealth is most commonly affected by your actions directly. This includes:

  • Using Lanterns and Torches, as well as Sigils, will increase detectability.
    • Other equipment with passive glowing effects do not seem to increase detectability.
  • Crouching will reduce detectability.
  • Fireflies, when following you, will increase your detectability greatly.

Stealth Sources[]


Camouflaged TentFlat5%40 minutes
Stealth UpFlat25%4 minutes


Stealth TrainingFlat30% (approx.)


  • Enemies need line-of-sight to spot you visually, but some enemies also have excellent hearing or other ways of noticing you.
  • By default, players have a value of 60 for their "detectability" attributes. There is a separate attribute for "Visual detectability" and "Basic detectability". Stealth Up reduces both stats by -15 (a 25% increase in stealth), and Stealth Training reduces Visual by -20 and Basic by -18.

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