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Stealing Fire
New Sirocco
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Main Quest
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From the Ashes
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Stealing Fire is a Quest in Outward. It is tenth in the series of main quests, and is the second quest of the Sirocco quest-line.

Quest Summary[]

The trio is planning on building some forges in New Sirocco to streamline production, but they are unsure about which type they want to make. Josef knows of a more advanced type of forge, but it requires a Charged Forge Stone in order to function, which can only be obtained by venturing to the depths of The Eldest Brother volcano.


New Sirocco[]

The updated blueprint store inventory.

Speak with Josef Dumas about Construction.

Speak to Josef and he will inform you of the current situation. Evangeline and Dorion are planning to build traditional Magma Forges, but Josef knows of a model of furnace designed by Levant engineers that outperforms the traditional designs. He needs help with some of his Building work orders so he will have time to design the new forges. He requires the town to have at least 3 houses and 2 specialized buildings built before he can begin planning.

After 150 days the traditional magma forges will be installed. If you complete the quest within 150 days the workers will be able to maximize the efficiency of their construction and you will be rewarded with a 15% decrease in the cost of Funds Funds, Stone Stone, and Timber Timber needed for the initial construction of buildings.

Note: There is no negative penalty for not completing the quest within 150 days. Cost and required materials for construction will remain the same as before.

Magma Forges will be installed in about 150 days. Josef may have a more efficient solution you can help with, once construction is done!
The Settlement requires:
  • At least 2 specialized buildings.
  • At least 3 houses.

Following the completion of From the Ashes you will now have access to an updated selection of blueprints which includes upgrades to your Resource Collection buildings as well as 9 new Specialized buildings. Upgrades to Resource Collection buildings are displayed as gold blueprints, and Specialized buildings are denoted with a red star icon in the top left corner of the blueprint. These buildings are the City Hall, Blacksmith shop, Alchemist shop, Enchanting Guild, Food Store, Gladiator's Arena, Chapel, General Store, and Water Purifier.

Josef only requires the town to have at least 3 houses built in total. All the specialized buildings require a unique building ingredient to begin construction so plan accordingly. Once you have built 3 houses and 2 specialized buildings, speak to Josef to continue the quest.

Speak with Josef Dumas about his improved forge idea.

Josef will inform you that he has been able to draw up plans for the new furnace design. Unfortunately their entire supply of Charged Forge Stones fell into the magma when the Three Brothers erupted, so he will need your assistance in making a new one. Josef will task you with taking a Large Chalcedony Stone into the belly of The Eldest Brother where a Forged Stone Charging Station is housed.

Josef mentions that if you happen to lose the Large Chalcedony Stone that it is not the end of the world and can be replace for a fee. A new stone will cost you 100 SilverIcon.gif silver. This stone weighs 150 units and acts as a backpack, you will not be able to carry it inside another backpack. Since the stone weighs so much and strips away the use of your backpack it is recommend to leave the stone in town then clear out and unlock the passage in Old Sirocco first, unless you are feeling adventurous.

Old Sirocco[]

Lever to unlock gate blocking bridge to The Eldest Brother.

Unlocked gate to bridge.

Entrance to The Eldest Brother.

Bring a Large Chalcedony Stone (Backpack) to the Charging Station inside the depths of the Eldest Brother Volcano.

Then, bring the Charged Forge Stone back to Josef in New Sirocco.

(The Volcano can be accessed by going through Old Sirocco)

As you enter Old Sirocco if you have unlocked this gate already to your right there will be an Ornate Chest and a stairway down to the bridge which leads to The Eldest Brother.

If you have not previously unlocked the gate:

  • Take the path on your left down a flight of stairs, leading north
  • On the second level, head south and enter a door on your right, down another flight of stairs leading west
  • On the third level, turn to your left and walk off the gap in the wall next to the mine cart, dropping a short distance below
  • Turn around and head east up a flight of stairs into a room filled with magma
  • In this room, pull the lever.

Turn around and head west as far as you can, then north into a small room with some Chalcedony stones in it. Head north-east and climb up two sets of stairs, back into the area with the mine cart we just dropped off from. Take a left here and back up the stairs to the second level, then continue forward to the now unlocked area with a chest. Optionally head up the stairs here and claim the contents of the Ornate Chest, if you have room.

Next to the regular Chest, take the bridge to the north across the pit of lava. Directly ahead is a large red door next to a Rock Mantis which leads into The Eldest Brother.

The Eldest Brother[]

Ladder to the bottom level of The Eldest Brother.

The Forge Stone Charging Station

As you enter the volcano, proceed to the end of the tunnel, take a right and head north, then head down and into the tunnel. Ahead of you will be Gargoyle blocking your path in the next open area. These enemies are very hard hitting but only are aggressive while you are in close proximity of them. Past the Gargoyle take a right to the adjacent island where a Torcrab will be roaming around. Over the northern bridge you will enter a very large open cavern containing a Gastrocin and single Rock Mantis to your left. Proceed to the western entrance to the next room where off to the left will be the entrance to bottom level of The Eldest Brother.

Straight ahead of you the cave tunnel will open up to onto the sea of magma in the center of the volcano. As you proceed through the tunnel there will be a Gastrocin to your left, keep an eye on it as it may sneak up on you while you are on the bridge ahead. Through the stone archway you will see a metal bridge leading to the Forge Stone Charging Station and The Emberheart suspended over magma.

Over the bridge on the platform there will be two Obsidian Elemental and one Ghost (Red). This may be challenging to fight all at once as the Obsidian Elementals shoot homing fireballs. If you are having trouble with this fight you can attempt to pull them over to the previous Gastrocin to have these monsters attack each other as the Gastrocin can take care of the three others with ease while it is on the bridge.

Once all the enemies have been dealt with and you are in possession of the Large Chalcedony Stone, proceed to the Forge Stone Charging Station with your stone and interact the station to acquire the Charged Forge Stone.

New Sirocco[]

Once you have acquired the Charged Forge Stone head back to Josef in New Sirocco. If you managed to bring him the stone before the 150 days has elapsed then he will let you know that his new furnace design is all ready for the stone and thank you for your assistance. With this new forge there will be a noticeable boost to the workers efficiency and you will receive a 15% decrease building construction cost.

If you arrived with the forge stone after the 150 day time period Josef will inform you that the traditional magma forges have already been build but they can still make use of the forge stone somehow. There is no negative penalty for completely the quest after the 150 days other than the loss of the potential decrease in cost.


Regardless of failure you will receive:

  • Access to upgrade blueprints for specialized buildings


  • 15% decrease in amount of resources needed for building construction.


  • Amount of resources needed for building construction remains the same.

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