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Stamina Stamina is one of three Vitals in Outward, represented by the yellow circular bar in the bottom left corner of screen.


Stamina reflects the player's ability to exercise various tasks that are physically taxing, such as combat and sprinting. Players start with 100 Max Stamina, but this value can be increased or decreased during the game.

Most physically-demanding actions consume stamina, including Sprinting (2 Stamina per second by default), Dodging (6 Stamina by default), attacking with weapons, blocking attacks, and using most physical-related Active Skills. Simple actions such as crafting, using items, or casting magical spells do not generally consume stamina.

Stamina Regeneration[]

Stamina regenerates passively by roughly 2.5 stamina per second while the player is not using Stamina, unless the player is inflicted with Effects which affect the player's natural Stamina regeneration.

The default stamina regeneration rate can be affected by the player's Weight, as well as:


Ambraine Withdrawal The Three BrothersRegen Modifier-5%
Breathless The Three BrothersRegen Modifier-100%30 seconds
Cold (Disease)Regen Modifier-15% to -30%
Needs: TiredRegen Modifier-15% to -30%

Restoring Stamina[]

As well as the natural regeneration, Stamina can also be restored directly through:


Sparkling Water (Effect) The Three BrothersRestore0.75 per second3 minutes
Stamina RecoveryRestore0.4 to 1.2 per second15 minutes
Water EffectRestore0.3 per second3 minutes


Alertness Potion The SoroboreansRestore50
Boiled Cactus FruitRestore60
Endurance PotionRestore70
Gep's DrinkRestore60
Great Endurance PotionRestore100
Grilled Nightmare Mushroom The SoroboreansRestore60
Nightmare Mushroom The SoroboreansRestore50


Bloodlust The SoroboreansRestore5For each death near the player.
Nurturing Echo The Three BrothersRestore5 per second2 to 16 secondsWhen used on Ghost Drum.



Burnt Stamina[]

By performing actions that require Stamina, passing out, or other means, a portion of max Stamina becomes "Burnt", preventing stamina from fully regenerating.

  • By default, 3% of consumed stamina is lost as burnt stamina.
  • Certain effects such as being Thirsty will affect how quickly Stamina burns.

The player can restore or affect their burnt Stamina through the following methods:


Hive InfestationRegen Modifier-100%Stamina burns 100% more quickly
Hive InfestationRegen Modifier-200%Stamina burns 200% more quickly
Needs: ThirstyRegen Modifier-300%Stamina burns 3x more quickly
Wind ImbueRegen Modifier-200%3 minutesStamina burns 2x more quickly.


Ableroot The Three BrothersRestore20
Bitter Spicy TeaRestore15
Crystal PowderRestore20
Endurance PotionRestore10
Great Endurance PotionRestore50
Horror's Potion The SoroboreansRestore100%
Invigorating Potion The SoroboreansRestore20
Needle TeaRestore15
Survivor ElixirRestore20


Nightmares The SoroboreansRegen Modifier-25%Only when resting, reduces the rate at which burnt stamina is recovered.


SleepRestore12.5%12.5% per hour of sleep

Increasing Maximum Stamina[]


Brawns The Three BrothersFlat25
Efficiency The SoroboreansFlat25
Painful SacrificeFlat-15
Peacemaker ElixirFlat20
Spellblade's AwakeningFlat15
Steadfast AsceticFlat40


Ley LineFlat-5Lose -5 stamina per 20 gained Mana.

Stamina Cost Modifier[]

Stamina Cost Modifier, sometimes referred to as "Stamina Use" or "Stamina Cost of Actions" is a stat one can acquire from Equipment, Passives and some effects. Certain heavy Armor will also increase the your stamina cost modifier.

This stat is a percentage modifier on all Stamina use, including Dodging.


Camouflaged TentFlat-10%40 minutes
Corruption Totemic Lodge The Three BrothersFlat-15%40 minutes
Ethereal Totemic Lodge The Three BrothersFlat-15%40 minutes
Fire Totemic Lodge The Three BrothersFlat-15%40 minutes
Fur TentFlat-15%40 minutes
Ice Totemic Lodge The Three BrothersFlat-15%40 minutes
Lightning Totemic Lodge The Three BrothersFlat-15%40 minutes
Luxury TentFlat-20%40 minutes
Needs: HotFlat50%
Scourge CocoonFlat-5%40 minutes
Simple TentFlat-5%40 minutes
Sleep: BergFlat-20%40 minutes
Sleep: CierzoFlat-20%40 minutes
Sleep: City Hall The Three BrothersFlat-20%40 minutes
Sleep: Embassy The Three BrothersFlat-20%40 minutes
Sleep: Giants The Three BrothersFlat-20%40 minutes
Sleep: Harmattan The SoroboreansFlat-10% to -20%40 minutesVaries depending on location player sleeps in.
Sleep: LevantFlat-20%40 minutes
Sleep: MonsoonFlat-20%40 minutes
Sleep: New Sirocco The Three BrothersFlat-20%40 minutes


Acrobatics The Three BrothersFlat50%Only affects cost of Dodging.
Armor TrainingFlat-50%Reduces negative stamina cost on armor by 50%.
Brains The Three BrothersFlat15%
Divine AssistanceFlat-10%
Feather DodgeFlat-50%Only applies to dodging.
MarathonerFlat-40%Only affects Sprinting.
Sanctified AssistanceFlat-5%


Economy The SoroboreansFlat-10%
Light as Wind The SoroboreansFlat-11%
Spirit of Berg The SoroboreansFlat-10%
Unwavering Determination The SoroboreansFlat-10%


Show/Hide table
IconNameResistancesImpact.pngProtectionDamage Bonus%HotWeather.pngCold WeatherStamina CostMana CostCooldownMovementPouch BonusDurabilityWeight
Black Dancer Clothes.pngBlack Dancer Clothes3% Physical
4% Impact.png14 HotWeather.png-25% Stamina Cost1801.0
Bright Nobleman Attire.pngBright Nobleman Attire3% Physical
4% Impact.png14 HotWeather.png-10% Stamina Cost1654.0
Bright Nobleman Boots.pngBright Nobleman Boots2% Physical
3% Impact.pngHotWeather.png-5% Stamina Cost1652.0
Bright Nobleman Hat.pngBright Nobleman Hat2% Physical
3% Impact.pngHotWeather.png-5% Stamina Cost1651.0
Bright Rich Attire.pngBright Rich Attire3% Physical
4% Impact.png14 HotWeather.png-10% Stamina Cost1654.0
Bright Rich Hat.pngBright Rich Hat2% Physical
3% Impact.pngHotWeather.png-5% Stamina Cost1651.0
Crimson Dancer Clothes.pngCrimson Dancer Clothes3% Physical
4% Impact.png14 HotWeather.png-25% Stamina Cost1801.0
Dancer Leggings.pngDancer Leggings1% Physical
2% Impact.pngHotWeather.png-15% Stamina Cost1501.0
Dancer Mask.pngDancer Mask1% Physical
3% Impact.pngHotWeather.png-15% Stamina Cost1800.5
Dark Nobleman Attire.pngDark Nobleman Attire3% Physical
4% Impact.png14 HotWeather.png-10% Stamina Cost1654.0
Dark Nobleman Boots.pngDark Nobleman Boots2% Physical
3% Impact.pngHotWeather.png-5% Stamina Cost1652.0
Dark Nobleman Hat.pngDark Nobleman Hat2% Physical
3% Impact.pngHotWeather.png-5% Stamina Cost1651.0
Dark Rich Attire.pngDark Rich Attire3% Physical
4% Impact.png14 HotWeather.png-10% Stamina Cost1654.0
Dark Rich Hat.pngDark Rich Hat2% Physical
3% Impact.pngHotWeather.png-5% Stamina Cost1651.0
Elite Desert Tunic.pngElite Desert Tunic20% Physical
14% Impact.pngProtection16 HotWeather.png-10% Stamina Cost2908.0
Elite Desert Veil.pngElite Desert Veil13% Physical
9% Impact.pngProtectionHotWeather.png-10% Stamina Cost5% Mana Cost2902.0
Elite Hood.pngElite Hood13% Physical
30% Decay
9% Impact.pngProtectionHotWeather.png-10% Stamina Cost2903.0
Entomber Armor.pngEntomber Armor21% Physical
30% Decay
30% Lightning
14% Impact.png16 HotWeather.png-5% Stamina Cost5% Movement2457.0
Entomber Boots.pngEntomber Boots12% Physical
15% Decay
15% Lightning
10% Impact.pngHotWeather.png-5% Stamina Cost5% Movement2453.0
Entomber Hat.pngEntomber Hat12% Physical
15% Decay
15% Lightning
10% Impact.pngHotWeather.png-5% Stamina Cost5% Movement2452.0
Go'gO.pngGo'gO0% Impact.png-20% Stamina Cost17% Movement51.0
Kazite Armor.pngKazite Armor21% Physical
12% Impact.png-7% Stamina Cost21510.0
Kazite Boots.pngKazite Boots10% Physical
8% Impact.png-8% Stamina Cost2156.0
Kazite Cat Mask.pngKazite Cat Mask10% Physical
8% Impact.png-8% Stamina Cost15% Mana Cost5% Cooldown2153.0
Kazite Mask.pngKazite Mask10% Physical
8% Impact.png-12% Stamina Cost15% Mana Cost2153.0
Kazite Oni Mask.pngKazite Oni Mask10% Physical
8% Impact.png5% Physical
-8% Stamina Cost15% Mana Cost2153.0
Master Desert Boots.pngMaster Desert Boots14% Physical
11% Impact.pngProtectionHotWeather.png-3% Stamina Cost5% Movement3005.0
Master Desert Tunic.pngMaster Desert Tunic22% Physical
17% Impact.pngProtection16 HotWeather.png-7% Stamina Cost5% Movement4208.0
Master Desert Veil.pngMaster Desert Veil14% Physical
11% Impact.pngProtectionHotWeather.png-3% Stamina Cost-15% Mana Cost5% Movement3002.0
Master Kazite Armor.pngMaster Kazite Armor21% Physical
10% Decay
17% Impact.pngProtection-4% Stamina Cost34510.0
Master Kazite Boots.pngMaster Kazite Boots12% Physical
5% Decay
12% Impact.pngProtection-6% Stamina Cost10% Mana Cost3453.0
Master Kazite Cat Mask.pngMaster Kazite Cat Mask12% Physical
5% Decay
12% Impact.pngProtection-6% Stamina Cost10% Mana Cost8% Cooldown3453.0
Master Kazite Mask.pngMaster Kazite Mask12% Physical
5% Decay
12% Impact.pngProtection-16% Stamina Cost10% Mana Cost3453.0
Master Kazite Oni Mask.pngMaster Kazite Oni Mask12% Physical
5% Decay
12% Impact.pngProtection10% Physical
-6% Stamina Cost10% Mana Cost3453.0
Master Trader Boots.pngMaster Trader Boots7% Physical
6% Impact.pngHotWeather.pngCold Weather-5% Stamina Cost15% Movement22451.0
Master Trader Garb.pngMaster Trader Garb13% Physical
7% Impact.png10 HotWeather.png10 Cold Weather-10% Stamina Cost5% Movement82453.0
Master Trader Hat.pngMaster Trader Hat7% Physical
4% Impact.pngHotWeather.pngCold Weather-15% Stamina Cost5% Movement22451.0
Purple Dancer Clothes.pngPurple Dancer Clothes3% Physical
4% Impact.png14 HotWeather.png-25% Stamina Cost1801.0
Purple Festive Attire.pngPurple Festive Attire5% Physical
3% Impact.png10 HotWeather.png-10% Stamina Cost1504.0
Purple Festive Hat.pngPurple Festive Hat2% Physical
2% Impact.pngHotWeather.png-5% Stamina Cost1501.0
Red Festive Attire.pngRed Festive Attire5% Physical
3% Impact.png10 HotWeather.png-10% Stamina Cost1504.0
Red Festive Hat.pngRed Festive Hat2% Physical
2% Impact.pngHotWeather.png-5% Stamina Cost1501.0
Red Wide Hat.pngRed Wide Hat8% Physical
6% Impact.png10% Decay
10% Frost
10 HotWeather.png-5% Stamina Cost-20% Mana Cost3101.0
Squire Attire.pngSquire Attire18% Physical
15% Ethereal
12% Impact.png-15% Stamina Cost5% Movement4708.0
Squire Boots.pngSquire Boots9% Physical
15% Frost
15% Fire
12% Impact.pngHotWeather.pngCold Weather-15% Stamina Cost5% Movement4705.0
Squire Headband.pngSquire Headband13% Physical
15% Decay
15% Lightning
11% Impact.png-15% Stamina Cost5% Movement4703.0
Tuanosaur Mask.pngTuanosaur Mask10% Physical
20% Decay
5% Impact.png-10% Stamina Cost1804.0
Wide Blue Hat.pngWide Blue Hat8% Physical
6% Impact.png10% Frost
10 HotWeather.png-5% Stamina Cost-20% Mana Cost2301.0

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