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Stamina Stamina is one of three Vitals in Outward, represented by the yellow circular bar in the bottom left corner of screen.


Stamina reflects the player's ability to exercise various tasks that are physically taxing, such as combat and sprinting. Players start with 100 Max Stamina, but this value can be increased or decreased during the game.


Stamina regenerates passively by roughly 2.5 stamina per second while the player is not using Stamina, unless the player is inflicted with negative Effects which reduce the player's Stamina regeneration.

The default regeneration rate can be further improved through by:

Burnt Stamina[]

By performing actions that require Stamina, passing out, or other means, a portion of max Stamina becomes "Burnt", preventing stamina from fully regenerating.

By default, 3% of consumed stamina is lost as burnt stamina. This can be increased with effects in some cases, such as Wind Imbue.

Burnt Stamina can be recovered from resting, as well as the following consumables:

Increasing Maximum Stamina[]

Max Stamina can be increased by:

Stamina Cost Modifier[]

Stamina Cost Modifier, sometimes referred to as "Stamina Use" or "Stamina Cost of Actions" is a stat one can acquire from Equipment, Passives and some effects. Certain heavy Armor will also increase the your stamina cost modifier.

This stat is a percentage modifier on all Stamina use, including Dodging.

Some Equipment which grants Stamina Cost Reduction includes:

Passive Skills are a another way of reducing stamina costs, such as:

There are also passives that grant other types of bonuses related to stamina use, such as:

Additionally, sleeping in tents and inns will grant stamina cost reduction:

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