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Spire of Light
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Hallowed Marsh
Marked Name
Spire of Light
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Spire of Light is a dungeon in south-east Hallowed Marsh, and a creation of the Light Mender, a powerful Lich. It contains many Lightning Golem enemies.


The Spire of Light is where the Light Mender carries out much of his "great work". It is unknown exactly what his machines are doing, though he says they provide him with "all the resources he needs". The Spire itself is mostly one large circular room, with an additional basement area found through the doors in the south-east corner of the main floor.

Light Mender[]

The Light Mender can be found on the top floor of the Spire. Players can access his boss room by initiating the dialogue with his throne on the top floor, and accepting his challenge. The fight will begin immediately, so players should be prepared before entering the arena.

Lever Puzzle[]

There are many levers in the Spire, some in obvious places and others rather concealed. There are two types of levers, the more common ones (A) control the large blue barrier in the basement and outside, while the other type (B) each unlock a teleporter platform.

Unlocking the barrier will also unlock Strange Apparitions and the Ornate Granite Tablet. Pulling all the levers will also allow one access to the Legacy Chest, Ornate Chest and Pillar Greathammer (unique weapon) in the basement area.

Barrier Lever (A) locations:

  • On the bottom floor, beneath the "bridge" in the middle of the area.
  • Near the first Teleporter Lever (B) and Cannon Specter, at the north end of the area.
  • After using the first teleporter, a lever can be found immediately to your left, next to the locked blue cabinet.
  • Behind the Light Mender's chair (cancel his dialogue and run past it)

Teleporter Levers (B) locations:

  • Up the stairs near the first blocked teleporter, near a Cannon Specter. The lever is on a raised area near a golden machine.
  • In the basement, in the south-eastern corner room
  • After using the first teleporter in the basement, in the north-eastern corner of the room (north of the Ornate Chest)

Legacy Chest and Pillar Greathammer[]

The Legacy Chest can be found by solving the lever puzzle to enter the basement, and then finding two more levers which unlock the teleporter platforms in the basement area. The second teleporter will take the player back into the main Spire area to an otherwise unreachable area, where the Legacy Chest and Pillar Greathammer await.





Unique Artifacts:

Loot Containers:

Defeat Scenarios[]

ScenarioTime ProgressionRespawn Locations
Beaten and bloody, but alive4-47 hourssame location as defeat
Defeated by Light Mender4-6 hoursSpire of Light
Nursed to health at the Monsoon house9-13 daysMonsoon
Nursed to health at the Monsoon Inn9-13 daysMonsoon
Saved by Elatt8-12 hoursHallowed Marsh
Saved by Friendly Immaculate8-12 hoursImmaculate's Camp
Saved by Gep23-73 hoursChersonese, Hallowed Marsh, Abrassar, Enmerkar Forest, Antique Plateau or Caldera
Saved by William4-6 hoursVoltaic Hatchery, Jade Quarry, Spire of Light, Electric Lab, Forgotten Research Laboratory or Scarlet Sanctuary


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