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Spears are thrusting two-handed weapons in Outward that are perfect for keeping your Enemies at bay.


Spears are used in the traps:

Spear Skills[]

List of Spears[]

IconNameDamageImpact.pngProtectionBarrierStaminaSpeedDamage Bonus%DurabilityWeightEffects
Astral Spear.pngAstral Spear The Three Brothers37.6 Physical
9.4 Ethereal
15 Impact.png6.3 Stamina1.2 Attack Speed7% Decay
7% Fire
Brutal Spear.pngBrutal Spear32 Physical
26 Impact.png4.8 Stamina0.9 Attack Speed2757.0
Chalcedony Spear.pngChalcedony Spear The Three Brothers18.5 Physical
18.5 Frost
28 Impact.pngStamina1.0 Attack Speed3255.0Slow Down
Damascene Spear.pngDamascene Spear The Three Brothers42 Physical
29 Impact.png5.4 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3255.0Increases the damage of weapon skills
Fang Trident.pngFang Trident28 Physical
20 Impact.png4.6 Stamina1.1 Attack Speed1753.0Bleeding
Fishing Harpoon.pngFishing Harpoon17 Physical
14 Impact.pngStamina1.0 Attack Speed1503.0
Forged Glass Spear.pngForged Glass Spear The Three Brothers52 Physical
24 Impact.pngBarrier5.6 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3255.0
Galvanic Spear.pngGalvanic Spear The Soroboreans42 Physical
28 Impact.png5.4 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed2505.0Pain
Gold Harpoon.pngGold Harpoon31 Physical
27 Impact.png4.8 Stamina0.9 Attack Speed3256.0
Gold Pitchfork.pngGold Pitchfork32 Physical
26 Impact.png4.8 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3506.0
Gold-Lich Spear.pngGold-Lich Spear26 Physical
14 Lightning
24 Impact.png5.2 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed4006.0Doomed
Griigmerk kÄramerk.pngGriigmerk kÄramerk54.4 Physical
9.6 Ethereal
35 Impact.png5.6 Stamina1.1 Attack Speed2006.0
Hailfrost Spear.pngHailfrost Spear The Three Brothers24.5 Physical
24.5 Frost
32 Impact.png5.6 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed15% Frost
Horror Spear.pngHorror Spear The Soroboreans39 Physical
13 Decay
31 Impact.png5.6 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed2255.0Extreme Poison
Iron Spear.pngIron Spear24 Physical
17 Impact.png4.4 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed2505.0
Kazite Lance.pngKazite Lance The Soroboreans35 Physical
19 Impact.png4.6 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed2505.0Weaken
Marble Spear.pngMarble Spear47 Physical
31 Impact.png5.2 Stamina0.9 Attack Speed3257.0
Masterpiece Spear.pngMasterpiece Spear The Three Brothers54 Physical
31 Impact.png5.6 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3555.0Increases the damage of weapon skills
Meteoric Spear.pngMeteoric Spear The Three Brothers24 Physical
24 Fire
33 Impact.png5.6 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3455.0Holy Blaze
Militia Spear.pngMilitia Spear The Three Brothers34 Physical
34 Impact.pngProtectionStamina0.9 Attack Speed3255.0
Obsidian Spear.pngObsidian Spear The Three Brothers18 Physical
18 Fire
28 Impact.pngStamina1.0 Attack Speed3255.0Burning
Old Legion Spear.pngOld Legion Spear32 Physical
22 Impact.png4.8 Stamina0.9 Attack Speed2256.0
Palladium Spear.pngPalladium Spear29.25 Physical
9.75 Lightning
26 Impact.png5.2 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed4507.0
Phytosaur Spear.pngPhytosaur Spear37 Physical
26 Impact.pngStamina1.1 Attack Speed2003.0Poison
Pitchfork.pngPitchfork17 Physical
14 Impact.pngStamina1.1 Attack Speed1753.0
Rusted Spear.pngRusted Spear The Three Brothers22.8 Physical
15.2 Decay
24 Impact.png5.2 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed2005.0
Savage Trident.pngSavage Trident32 Physical
28 Impact.pngStamina1.1 Attack Speed3753.0Bleeding
Shriek.pngShriek The Three Brothers35 Physical
35 Decay
33 Impact.png5.6 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed6665.0Plague
Smoke Spear.pngSmoke Spear The Three Brothers43 Physical
31 Impact.png5.4 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3255.0Blaze
Thorny Spear.pngThorny Spear16 Physical
16 Ethereal
24 Impact.pngStamina1.1 Attack Speed1753.0
Troglodyte Halberd.pngTroglodyte Halberd The Soroboreans17 Physical
14 Impact.pngStamina1.0 Attack Speed1506.0
Troglodyte Trident.pngTroglodyte Trident17 Physical
14 Impact.pngStamina1.0 Attack Speed1006.0
Tsar Spear.pngTsar Spear76 Physical
39 Impact.png6.16 Stamina0.8 Attack Speed9.0
Vampiric Spear.pngVampiric Spear The Soroboreans50 Physical
26 Impact.png5.2 Stamina0.9 Attack Speed2505.0Leeches health on hit
Vigilante Spear.pngVigilante Spear The Three Brothers52 Physical
40 Impact.pngProtection5.6 Stamina0.9 Attack Speed3255.0
Virgin Spear.pngVirgin Spear The Soroboreans37 Physical
24 Impact.png5.2 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed2504.0
Werlig Spear.pngWerlig Spear24 Physical
24 Lightning
30 Impact.png5.6 Stamina1.1 Attack Speed4505.0
Withering Trident.pngWithering Trident39 Physical
26 Impact.png5.2 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed756.0
Wolf Spear.pngWolf Spear The Soroboreans44 Physical
19 Impact.png5.2 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3256.0Crippled


Standard Combo
Attack Pattern Standard > Standard
Description Two forward-thrusting stabs
Full Length 1.508 seconds (1.0 speed)
Multipliers 1.0x DMG 1.0x Impact.png 1.0x Stamina
Special Attack
Attack Pattern Special
Description Forward-lunging strike
Full Length 1.541 seconds (1.0 speed)
Multipliers 1.4x DMG 1.2x Impact.png 1.25x Stamina
Combo 1
Attack Pattern Standard > Special
Description Left-sweeping strike, jump back
Full Length 2.634 seconds (1.0 speed)
Multipliers 1.3x DMG 1.2x Impact.png 1.25x Stamina
Combo 2
Attack Pattern Standard > Standard > Special
Description Fast spinning strike from the right
Full Length 3.712 seconds (1.0 speed)
Multipliers 1.2x DMG 1.1x Impact.png 1.25x Stamina

Other combo patterns include:

  • Sprint attack: Performs a standard attack
  • Combo 1 > Special or Combo 2 > Special: Perform an attack equivalent to the Special attack

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