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Soroborean Caravanner
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Sorobor Academy
Merchant (General)
All major Cities
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Gives quests

Soroborean Caravanner is a traveling Merchant found in Outward. They can be found at fixed locations in all major cities, as well as in random locations outside in all major regions. Their stock is not shared between locations, and not all items are available at all locations.


With The Soroboreans DLC, players can speak to the Caravanner and ask to travel.

  • Tex men talkIcon.png 2: "I'd like to travel." - the Caravanner will offer to take you to Harmattan for 200 SilverIcon.gif (or 100 SilverIcon.gif silver for members of Sorobor Academy) and Rations.png 2-4 rations
  • From Harmattan, he will offer to travel to one of the other major City for the same price. This return trip destination is randomized every 3 days.
  • In the exterior regions, he will offer to take you to one of the major cities.
  • If The Soroboreans DLC is not installed or is disabled, the Caravanner inside a city will allow you to choose between the other three cities to fast travel.

Inventory and Locations[]

This merchant's stock varies depending on location.

See the following pages for each inventory (and random location):

Random Location[]

In outdoor regions, the Soroborean Caravanner will appear in a random location every time you load the scene. This means if you enter a dungeon or city, or sometimes even if you sleep or go to the menu, the Caravanner will change locations once you reload the scene, this will not reset his stock.

The Caravanner will appear randomly at one of the possible locations, and it is possible that he appears at the same location twice or more in a row.

See each location page for the Caravanner's possible random locations in outdoor regions.


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