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Smoke Root
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Consumable Details
9 Days 22 Hours
Item Details
15 SilverIcon.gif
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Smoke Root is a Food plant you can find in Outward. It is used in alchemy and cooking. It can also be eaten to gain Warm buff.


Fire-infused plant that grows in burnt lands.


  • Player receives Warm


Used In[]

Smoke Root also fulfills the ingredients for: Vegetable
Bread Of The Wild.png
3x Bread Of The Wild
Cooking Pot
Cured Pypherfish.png
1x Cured Pypherfish The Three Brothers
Cooking Pot
Elemental Resistance Potion.png
1x Elemental Resistance Potion
Alchemy Kit
Meat Stew.png
3x Meat Stew
Cooking Pot
Rage Potion.png
3x Rage Potion
Alchemy Kit
Seared Root.png
1x Seared Root
  • Smoke Root
Stringy Salad.png
3x Stringy Salad
Cooking Pot

Acquired From[]

Gatherable Sources

Smoke Root (Gatherable) 1100%

Merchant Sources

Dolar The Three Brothers 1 - 4100%Giant's Sauna
Gold Belly 1 - 4100%Giants' Village
Silver-Nose the Trader 1 - 4100%Hallowed Marsh
Luc Salaberry, Alchemist The Three Brothers 1 - 1820.8%New Sirocco
Vay the Alchemist 1 - 1820.8%Berg
Helmi the Alchemist 1 - 613.3%Cierzo
Robyn Garnet, Alchemist The Soroboreans 29.7%Harmattan
Tuan the Alchemist 1 - 29.1%Levant

Enemy Drops

Walking Hive 118.2%
Hive Lord 110%
Toxic Hive Lord 110%

Loot Container Sources

Adventurer's Corpse 1 - 49.8%Caldera, Hallowed Marsh, Lost Golem Manufacturing Facility
Broken Tent 1 - 49.8%Antique Plateau, Chersonese, Corrupted Tombs
Calygrey Chest 1 - 49.8%Ark of the Exiled, Steam Bath Tunnels
Chest 1 - 49.8%Abandoned Living Quarters, Abandoned Storage, Abrassar, Ancient Foundry, Antique Plateau, Cabal of Wind Temple, Chersonese, Cierzo (Destroyed), Compromised Mana Transfer Station, Conflux Chambers, Corrupted Tombs, Corsair's Headquarters, Dark Ziggurat Interior, Dead Roots, Dock's Storage, Dolmen Crypt, Electric Lab, Enmerkar Forest, Face of the Ancients, Ghost Pass, Hallowed Marsh, Hive Prison, Immaculate's Camp, Jade Quarry, Lost Golem Manufacturing Facility, Oil Refinery, Old Harmattan Basement, Old Hunter's Cabin, Reptilian Lair, River's End, Ruined Outpost, Ruined Warehouse, Sand Rose Cave, Scarlet Sanctuary, Stone Titan Caves, The Slide, The Vault of Stone, Undercity Passage, Vendavel Fortress, Vigil Pylon, Voltaic Hatchery, Ziggurat Passage
Corpse 1 - 49.8%Abrassar, Caldera, Forgotten Research Laboratory, The River of Red
Hollowed Trunk 1 - 49.8%Ancient Hive, Antique Plateau, Chersonese, Enmerkar Forest, Hive Trap, Steakosaur's Burrow
Junk Pile 1 - 49.8%Abandoned Storage, Ancient Foundry, Antique Plateau, Cabal of Wind Temple, Caldera, Calygrey Colosseum, Crumbling Loading Docks, Dark Ziggurat Interior, Destroyed Test Chambers, Forgotten Research Laboratory, Harmattan, Heroic Kingdom's Conflux Path, Holy Mission's Conflux Path, Jade Quarry, Levant, Lost Golem Manufacturing Facility, Monsoon, Montcalm Clan Fort, Necropolis, Oil Refinery, Old Harmattan Basement, Old Sirocco, Pirates' Hideout, Reptilian Lair, Silkworm's Refuge, Starfish Cave, Steam Bath Tunnels, Sulphuric Caverns, The Eldest Brother, The River of Red, The Tower of Regrets, Tree Husk, Underside Loading Dock, Ziggurat Passage
Knight's Corpse 1 - 49.8%Compromised Mana Transfer Station, Under Island
Looter's Corpse 1 - 49.8%Abandoned Living Quarters
Ornate Chest 1 - 49.8%Ancestor's Resting Place, Corrupted Tombs, Dead Tree, Enmerkar Forest, Face of the Ancients, Forest Hives, Forgotten Research Laboratory, Vendavel Fortress

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