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Small Sapphire
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Small Sapphire is a semi-rare gem found in Outward.

Can be used as a bartering item, as its buy and sell price is always the same.


Tiny precious stone with a royal blue color.

It can fetch a good price.


Can be used to open Troglodyte Doors at:

Acquired From[]

Gatherable Sources

Palladium Vein 117.2%
Palladium Vein (Tourmaline) The Soroboreans 115.5%
Chalcedony Vein The Three Brothers 19.5%
Hexa Stone Vein The Three Brothers 19.5%
Rich Iron Vein 1 - 29.3%
Iron Vein 16.7%

Merchant Sources

Soroborean Caravanner 1 - 1046.5%New Sirocco
Soroborean Caravanner 1 - 1045.5%Antique Plateau
Soroborean Caravanner 1 - 1045.5%Harmattan
Soroborean Caravanner 1 - 1045.5%Levant
Soroborean Caravanner 1 - 1041.7%Abrassar
Soroborean Caravanner 1 - 1041.7%Caldera
Soroborean Caravanner 1 - 1041.7%Chersonese
Soroborean Caravanner 1 - 1041.7%Enmerkar Forest
Soroborean Caravanner 1 - 1041.7%Hallowed Marsh
Soroborean Caravanner 1 - 1041.3%Berg
Soroborean Caravanner 1 - 1040.5%Monsoon
Soroborean Caravanner 1 - 632.1%Cierzo

Enemy Drops

Accursed Wendigo 1100%
Bandit Defender 1100%
The First Cannibal 1100%
Wendigo 1100%
She Who Speaks 1 - 1589.8%
Ash Giant Priest 1 - 558.2%
Giant Hunter The Three Brothers 1 - 558.2%
Altered Gargoyle 1 - 231%
Cracked Gargoyle 1 - 231%
Gargoyle The Three Brothers 1 - 231%
Gastrocin The Three Brothers 125%
Jewelbird 125%
Volcanic Gastrocin 125%
Ash Giant 1 - 424.1%
Ghost (Caldera) 112%

Loot Container Sources

Adventurer's Corpse 133.3%Stone Titan Caves
Chest 133.3%Ancient Foundry, Bandit Hideout, Berg, Chersonese, Dead Roots, Destroyed Test Chambers, Enmerkar Forest, Face of the Ancients, Forgotten Research Laboratory, Hallowed Marsh, Harmattan, Immaculate's Camp, Old Sirocco, Steam Bath Tunnels, Sulphuric Caverns, The Eldest Brother, The Vault of Stone, Vigil Pylon
Corpse 133.3%Abrassar, Ark of the Exiled, Caldera, Forgotten Research Laboratory, Hive Prison, The Eldest Brother
Hollowed Trunk 133.3%Antique Plateau, Hallowed Marsh, Steakosaur's Burrow
Junk Pile 133.3%Abandoned Living Quarters, Antique Plateau, Ark of the Exiled, Caldera, Calygrey Colosseum, Heroic Kingdom's Conflux Path, Oil Refinery, Old Sirocco, Sand Rose Cave, Silkworm's Refuge, Spire of Light, Steam Bath Tunnels, Sulphuric Caverns, The River of Red, The Tower of Regrets, Troglodyte Warren, Undercity Passage, Underside Loading Dock, Vigil Pylon, Vigil Tomb
Looter's Corpse 133.3%Ancient Hive, Bandit Hideout, Blister Burrow, Blood Mage Hideout, Corrupted Tombs, Crumbling Loading Docks, Wendigo Lair
Ornate Chest 133.3%Abrassar
Scavenger's Corpse 133.3%Abandoned Living Quarters, Blue Chamber's Conflux Path, Compromised Mana Transfer Station, Forest Hives, Forgotten Research Laboratory, Royal Manticore's Lair, The Slide
Stash 133.3%Monsoon
Trog Chest 133.3%Jade Quarry

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