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Silver is an item in Outward, which serves the purpose of currency.


Universal currency of the land.

Note that 100 coins have a combined weight of 1.


Silver is the only way to purchase Skills from trainers or teachers, and can also be used to purchase items from Merchants and other NPCs.

Many players prefer to hold their wealth with Gold Ingots, which weigh one tenth as much as silver for the same value (0.1 weight for 100 silver worth), allowing you to carry much more weight before becoming over-encumbered.


  • At 10 million silver, the displayed value will start using E notation (eg. "1E+07").
  • 2,147,483,647 (2.147 billion) is the actual maximum silver per stack. See also: 2,147B (Wikipedia). This is also the limit for any other item stack.
  • Exceeding the 2.147B limit will cause what is known as an "overflow" in computer programming, meaning you will now have the negative maximum limit, or -2.147B silver.

Acquired From[]

Enemy Drops

Kazite Archer 552.1%
Kazite Archer (Antique Plateau) The Soroboreans 551.2%
Kazite Lieutenant 545.8%
Kazite Lieutenant (Antique Plateau) The Soroboreans 545%
Animated Skeleton (Miner) 15 - 5032.5%
Marsh Archer 430.2%
Desert Archer 526.1%
Bandit Defender 425%
Bandit Lieutenant 425%
Roland Argenson 425%
Bandit Lieutenant 423.8%
Bloody Alexis 422.7%
Desert Lieutenant 422.7%
Bandit Archer 321.2%
Kazite Bandit 521.2%

Loot Container Sources

Adventurer's Corpse 10 - 2033.3%Stone Titan Caves
Chest 10 - 2033.3%Ancient Foundry, Bandit Hideout, Berg, Chersonese, Dead Roots, Destroyed Test Chambers, Enmerkar Forest, Face of the Ancients, Forgotten Research Laboratory, Hallowed Marsh, Harmattan, Immaculate's Camp, Old Sirocco, Steam Bath Tunnels, Sulphuric Caverns, The Eldest Brother, The Vault of Stone, Vigil Pylon
Corpse 10 - 2033.3%Abrassar, Ark of the Exiled, Caldera, Forgotten Research Laboratory, Hive Prison, The Eldest Brother
Hollowed Trunk 10 - 2033.3%Antique Plateau, Hallowed Marsh, Steakosaur's Burrow
Junk Pile 10 - 2033.3%Abandoned Living Quarters, Antique Plateau, Ark of the Exiled, Caldera, Calygrey Colosseum, Heroic Kingdom's Conflux Path, Oil Refinery, Old Sirocco, Sand Rose Cave, Silkworm's Refuge, Spire of Light, Steam Bath Tunnels, Sulphuric Caverns, The River of Red, The Tower of Regrets, Troglodyte Warren, Undercity Passage, Underside Loading Dock, Vigil Pylon, Vigil Tomb
Looter's Corpse 10 - 2033.3%Ancient Hive, Bandit Hideout, Blister Burrow, Blood Mage Hideout, Corrupted Tombs, Crumbling Loading Docks, Wendigo Lair
Ornate Chest 10 - 2033.3%Abrassar
Scavenger's Corpse 10 - 2033.3%Abandoned Living Quarters, Blue Chamber's Conflux Path, Compromised Mana Transfer Station, Forest Hives, Forgotten Research Laboratory, Royal Manticore's Lair, The Slide
Stash 10 - 2033.3%Monsoon
Trog Chest 10 - 2033.3%Jade Quarry

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