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The following is a list of Item Sets in Outward. Sets can be obtained from Merchants and Quests, commissioned from Blacksmiths, crafted, dropped by enemies, or even found as simple item spawns. This page also includes some sets which only contain Weapons or non-Armor pieces.

List of Sets

IconNameResistancesImpact.pngProtectionBarrierStatus ResistanceDamage Bonus%HotWeather.pngCold WeatherStamina CostMana CostCorruptionCooldownMovementPouch BonusDurabilityWeight
Adventurer Set.pngAdventurer Set36% Physical
55% Fire
28% Impact.pngProtection20 HotWeather.png12 Cold Weather7% Stamina Cost15% Mana Cost-7% Movement587019.0
AmmoliteSet photo.jpgAmmolite Set33% Physical
60% Frost
53% Impact.pngProtection20% Physical
20 Cold Weather7% Stamina Cost15% Mana Cost85519.0
Antique Plate Set.pngAntique Plate Set The Soroboreans31% Physical
20% Impact.pngProtection20% Ethereal
35% Fire
30 Cold Weather-10% Mana Cost58515.0
Arcane set.pngArcane Set16% Physical
20% Ethereal
20% Decay
20% Lightning
20% Frost
20% Fire
7% Impact.pngProtection10% Frost
Cold Weather-25% Mana Cost3605.0
Ash Armor SS1.pngAsh Set27% Physical
70% Decay
18% Impact.png28 HotWeather.png28 Cold Weather61515.0
Assassin Set.pngAssassin Set00.0
Astral Set.pngAstral Set The Three Brothers00.0
Barrier Set.pngBarrier Set The Three Brothers31% Physical
31% Impact.png13 Barrier14 HotWeather.png20% Movement18007.0
Beast Golem Set.pngBeast Golem Set00.0
Black Fur Set.pngBlack Fur Set43% Physical
50% Frost
39% Impact.png48 Cold Weather138015.0
Black Plate Set.pngBlack Plate Set55% Physical
41% Impact.pngProtection-15 HotWeather.png20 Cold Weather14% Stamina Cost40% Mana Cost-14% Movement97541.0
Blue Sand Set.pngBlue Sand Set48% Physical
20% Ethereal
20% Decay
20% Lightning
20% Frost
20% Fire
41% Impact.pngProtection-10 HotWeather.png14% Stamina Cost10% Mana Cost-14% Movement105029.0
Brigand set.pngBrigand Set25% Physical
12% Impact.pngCold Weather333015.0
Brutal Set.pngBrutal Set00.0
Cage Armor ss1.pngCaged Set The Soroboreans68% Physical
20% Ethereal
20% Decay
49% Impact.pngProtection18% Stamina Cost30% Mana Cost20% Movement127538.0
Caldera Mail Set.pngCaldera Mail Set The Three Brothers43% Physical
28% Lightning
28% Frost
38% Impact.pngProtection7% Mana Cost105016.0
Candle Plate Set.pngCandle Plate Set68% Physical
60% Lightning
60% Fire
49% Impact.pngProtection-12 HotWeather.png12 Cold Weather14% Stamina Cost15% Mana Cost-14% Movement159038.0
Chalcedony Set.pngChalcedony Set The Three Brothers48% Physical
41% Impact.png14 ProtectionBarrier10 HotWeather.png14% Stamina Cost15% Mana Cost-10% Movement135043.0
Copal Armour Set.jpgCopal Set28% Physical
60% Ethereal
40% Lightning
20% Impact.pngProtection15% Mana Cost57018.0
Crescent Set.pngCrescent Set00.0
CrimsonPlateSet.pngCrimson Plate Set59% Physical
90% Frost
49% Impact.pngProtection43% Frost
-15 HotWeather.png28 Cold Weather14% Stamina Cost20% Mana Cost-14% Movement159044.0
Damascene Set.pngDamascene Set The Three Brothers00.0
Dancer Set Female.pngDancer Set5% Physical
9% Impact.png26 HotWeather.png-55% Stamina Cost5102.5
Desert set.pngDesert Set24% Physical
17% Impact.png40 HotWeather.png10% Movement5108.0
Elite Desert set.pngElite Desert Set33% Physical
23% Impact.pngProtection24 HotWeather.png-20% Stamina Cost5% Mana Cost58010.0
Elite plate armor set.pngElite Set62% Physical
44% Impact.pngProtection-10 HotWeather.png14% Stamina Cost50% Mana Cost-14% Movement4129044.0
Entomber set.pngEntomber Set45% Physical
60% Decay
60% Lightning
34% Impact.png30 HotWeather.png-15% Stamina Cost15% Movement73512.0
Fang Set.pngFang Set00.0
Festive Set Male.pngFestive Set7% Physical
5% Impact.png16 HotWeather.png-15% Stamina Cost3005.0
Forged Glass Set.pngForged Glass Set The Three Brothers00.0
Fur set.pngFur Set24% Physical
40% Frost
20% Impact.png40 Cold Weather54015.0
Galvanic Set.pngGalvanic Set The Soroboreans00.0
Giantkind Set.pngGiantkind Set00.0
Gold Set.pngGold Set00.0
Gold-lichSet.PNGGold-Lich Set27% Physical
90% Lightning
40% Fire
18% Impact.png-60% Mana Cost11309.0
Green Copal Set.pngGreen Copal Set38% Physical
60% Ethereal
40% Lightning
31% Impact.pngProtection10% Mana Cost112518.0
Hailfrost Set.pngHailfrost Set The Three Brothers00.0
Halfplate set.pngHalfplate Set32% Physical
25% Impact.pngProtection7% Stamina Cost20% Mana Cost-7% Movement66025.0
Horror Set.pngHorror Set The Soroboreans68% Physical
-15% Lightning
49% Impact.pngProtection40% Decay
14% Stamina Cost30% Mana Cost-15% Corruption-14% Movement127538.0
Iron Set.pngIron Set00.0
Jade Lich Acolyte set.pngJade Acolyte Set24% Physical
40% Decay
-40% Lightning
10% Impact.png-30% Mana Cost5407.0
Jade-Lich set.jpgJade-Lich Set31% Physical
70% Decay
-40% Lightning
18% Impact.png35% Decay
10% Fire
-55% Mana Cost9459.0
Kazite Light Set.pngKazite Light Set The Soroboreans36% Physical
28% Impact.png10 Cold Weather15% Mana Cost10% Cooldown72013.0
Kazite set.pngKazite Set41% Physical
28% Impact.png-23% Stamina Cost15% Mana Cost64519.0
Kintsugi set.pngKintsugi Set62% Physical
64% Impact.pngProtection-10 HotWeather.png16% Stamina Cost50% Mana Cost-29% Movement120045.0
Krypteia Set.pngKrypteia Set The Three Brothers57% Physical
25% Ethereal
25% Fire
26% Impact.png28% Lightning
Light Clothes Set Blue.pngLight Clothes Set4% Physical
5% Impact.png21 HotWeather.png3004.0
Looter Set.pngLooter Set10% Physical
21% Impact.png15 Cold Weather2405.0
Makeshift Leather set.pngMakeshift Leather Set15% Physical
20% Impact.png20 Cold Weather536013.0
Manawall Set.pngManawall Set The Three Brothers31% Physical
31% Impact.png10 Protection13 Barrier30% Ethereal
14 HotWeather.png20% Movement18007.0
Marble Set.pngMarble Set00.0
Master Desert Set.pngMaster Desert Set50% Physical
39% Impact.pngProtection32 HotWeather.png-13% Stamina Cost-15% Mana Cost15% Movement102015.0
Master Kazite Set.pngMaster Kazite Set45% Physical
20% Decay
41% Impact.pngProtection-16% Stamina Cost20% Mana Cost103516.0
MTSet.pngMaster Trader Set27% Physical
17% Impact.png20 HotWeather.png20 Cold Weather-30% Stamina Cost25% Movement127355.0
Masterpiece Set.pngMasterpiece Set The Three Brothers00.0
Mertons Set.pngMerton's Bones00.0
35x53pxMeteoric Set The Three Brothers00.0
Militia Set.pngMilitia Set The Three Brothers46% Physical
32% Impact.pngProtection20 HotWeather.png7% Stamina Cost5% Mana Cost-7% Movement90025.0
Noble Set.pngNoble Set The Three Brothers17% Physical
50% Ethereal
40% Decay
40% Fire
11% Impact.png15 HotWeather.png-20% Mana Cost15% Movement7507.0
Bright Nobleman Set Female.pngNobleman Set7% Physical
10% Impact.png28 HotWeather.png-20% Stamina Cost4957.0
Novice set.pngNovice Set9% Physical
50% Decay
50% Frost
50% Fire
7% Impact.png-10% Mana Cost3305.0
Obsidian Set.pngObsidian Set00.0
Old Legion Set.pngOld Legion Set00.0
Orichalchum Set.pngOrichalcum Set62% Physical
41% Impact.pngProtection-15 HotWeather.png35 Cold Weather11% Stamina Cost30% Mana Cost-14% Movement129041.0
Padded Armor Set.pngPadded Set19% Physical
29% Frost
31% Impact.png20 Cold Weather45015.0
PalladiumFullKnee.pngPalladium Set62% Physical
60% Decay
44% Impact.pngProtection-10 HotWeather.png8% Stamina Cost30% Mana Cost-10% Movement147048.0
Pathfinder set.pngPathfinder Set46% Physical
45% Decay
26% Impact.pngProtection24 HotWeather.png24 Cold Weather7% Stamina Cost15% Mana Cost-7% Movement112525.0
Petrified wood set.pngPetrified Wood Set42% Physical
60% Fire
41% Impact.pngProtection20 HotWeather.png7% Stamina Cost10% Mana Cost-7% Movement70519.0
Pilgrim Set.pngPilgrim Set64% Physical
40% Impact.pngProtection26 HotWeather.png26 Cold Weather15% Stamina Cost15% Mana Cost-8% Movement20123036.0
Plate set.pngPlate Set48% Physical
37% Impact.pngProtection-10 HotWeather.png14% Stamina Cost50% Mana Cost-14% Movement90038.0
Rich Set Male.pngRich Set5% Physical
7% Impact.png21 HotWeather.png-15% Stamina Cost3305.0
RunicArmorset.pngRunic Set56% Physical
44% Impact.pngProtection10% Ethereal
10% Lightning
-10 HotWeather.png29% Stamina Cost-15% Mana Cost-14% Movement112538.0
Rust Lich Set.pngRust Lich Set The Soroboreans50% Physical
36% Impact.pngProtection-90% Physical
25% Decay
25% Lightning
25% Frost
25% Fire
7% Stamina Cost-45% Mana Cost-7% Movement102025.0
Savage Set.pngSavage Set00.0
Scaled leather set.pngScaled Leather Set31% Physical
20% Decay
35% Impact.png29% Physical
Scarlet Set.pngScarlet Set The Three Brothers18% Physical
13% Impact.png-35% Status Resistance15% Ethereal
15% Decay
15% Lightning
15% Frost
45% Fire
-20% Mana Cost8707.0
Scavenger set.pngScavenger Set20% Physical
15% Impact.png12 Cold Weather446515.0
Scholar Set Female.pngScholar Set18% Physical
10% Impact.pngHotWeather.pngCold Weather-30% Mana Cost4957.0
Shadow Kazite Set.pngShadow Kazite Set The Soroboreans46% Physical
32% Impact.pngProtection12 Cold Weather15% Mana Cost20% Cooldown90013.0
Shock Set.pngShock Set47% Physical
90% Lightning
55% Impact.pngProtection11% Stamina Cost15% Mana Cost150024.0
Silver set.pngSilver Set49% Physical
60% Decay
29% Impact.pngProtection7% Stamina Cost15% Mana Cost-7% Movement78025.0
Slayer's Set.pngSlayer's Set The Three Brothers52% Physical
10% Lightning
15% Frost
15% Fire
23% Impact.png50% Status Resistance26% Physical
16 HotWeather.png16 Cold Weather75015.0
Smoke Set.pngSmoke Set The Three Brothers00.0
Squire Set.pngSquire Set40% Physical
15% Ethereal
15% Decay
15% Lightning
15% Frost
15% Fire
35% Impact.pngHotWeather.pngCold Weather-45% Stamina Cost15% Movement141016.0
Tattered set.pngTattered Set4% Physical
4% Impact.pngHotWeather.pngCold Weather2706.0
Tenebrous set.pngTenebrous Set35% Physical
29% Lightning
29% Frost
29% Fire
24% Impact.png20% Ethereal
25% Decay
20 Cold Weather-30% Mana Cost78012.0
Trader set.pngTrader Set16% Physical
7% Impact.pngHotWeather.pngCold Weather86007.0
Troglodyte Set.pngTroglodyte Set00.0
Tsar set.pngTsar Set68% Physical
80% Fire
49% Impact.png14 Protection20 HotWeather.png14% Stamina Cost15% Mana Cost-29% Movement053.0
Vampiric Set.pngVampiric Set The Soroboreans00.0
Vigilante Set.pngVigilante Set The Three Brothers50% Physical
36% Impact.pngProtection20 HotWeather.png17% Stamina Cost5% Mana Cost-7% Movement102025.0
Virgin Set.pngVirgin Set The Soroboreans42% Physical
36% Impact.pngProtection4% Stamina Cost-5% Movement90025.0
White Arcane Set.pngWhite Arcane Set24% Physical
20% Ethereal
20% Decay
20% Lightning
20% Frost
20% Fire
7% Impact.pngProtection5% Ethereal
5% Decay
5% Lightning
5% Frost
5% Fire
Cold Weather-25% Mana Cost6405.0
White Kintsugi Set.pngWhite Kintsugi Set68% Physical
64% Impact.pngProtection20% Fire
-10 HotWeather.png8% Stamina Cost50% Mana Cost-19% Movement144045.0
White Priest Set.pngWhite Priest Set26% Physical
70% Decay
70% Frost
70% Fire
12% Impact.png10% Lightning
10% Frost
10% Fire
-20% Mana Cost8408.0
Wolf Mage Set.pngWolf Mage Set The Soroboreans17% Physical
42% Impact.pngProtection5% Ethereal
15 Cold Weather-30% Mana Cost6757.0
Wolf Medic Set.pngWolf Medic Set The Soroboreans46% Physical
32% Impact.pngProtection15 Cold Weather7% Stamina Cost-15% Mana Cost5% Corruption-7% Movement90025.0
Wolf plate set.pngWolf Plate Set65% Physical
60% Ethereal
44% Impact.pngProtection-12 HotWeather.pngCold Weather14% Stamina Cost30% Mana Cost-9% Movement138032.0
Worker Set Female.pngWorker Set5% Physical
4% Impact.pngHotWeather.png12 Cold Weather2705.0
Zagis set.pngZagis' Set48% Physical
36% Impact.pngProtection25% Physical
30 HotWeather.png18% Stamina Cost30% Mana Cost-18% Movement112036.0
Zhorn's Set.pngZhorn's Set00.0

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