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Scepter of the Cruel Priest
Scepter of the Cruel Priest.png
Weapon Details
55 Decay
28 Impact.png
0.9 Attack Speed
Stamina Cost
5.6 Stamina
13% Decay
Item Details
2000 SilverIcon.gif
600 SilverIcon.gif
The Three Brothers
Object ID

Scepter of the Cruel Priest is a Unique type of Weapon in Outward.


A horrifying mace that brings miserable decay to all it strikes. Reduces your Light resistance


Attack Styles[]

Standard > Standard55 Decay28 Impact.png5.6 Stamina2Two wide-sweeping strikes, right to left
Special71.5 Decay70 Impact.png7.28 Stamina1Slow, overhead strike with high impact
Standard > Special71.5 Decay36.4 Impact.png7.28 Stamina1Fast, forward-thrusting strike
Standard > Standard > Special71.5 Decay36.4 Impact.png7.28 Stamina1Fast, forward-thrusting strike

Acquired From[]

The lever you need to pull to unlock the Blacksmith's workshop.

The anvil you need to interact with to obtain the Sealed Mace.

Obtained by speaking to Dolar while holding the Sealed Mace.

  1. Obtain the Smelly Sealed Box at the Ritualist's hut
  2. Head to Old Sirocco. From the main entrance, head down two flights of stairs until you reach the bottom area with a mine cart and several ghosts.
  3. Drop off to below from the mine cart and head south to the room with lava and a Scarlet Emissary.
  4. On the wall to your left there is a lever - pull it.
  5. Head back up all the stairs back towards the entrance to Old Sirocco. At the end of the final set of stairs you will notice the locked gate ahead has been opened into a room with lava. Enter this room.
  6. On your right there is an anvil you can interact with. Interact with it and you will receive the Sealed Mace.
  7. With the mace, head to the Giant's Sauna and spend a night there by paying Five Eyes 50 SilverIcon.gif silver. When you wake up you will find the giant Dolar, speak to him with the Sealed Mace equipped and he can upgrade it to the Scepter for you.


Scepter of the Cruel Priest is compatible with the following Enchantments:

Fulmination The Three Brothers
Molepig Sigh The Three Brothers
Poltergeist The Soroboreans
  • Adds +30% of the existing weapon's Physical physical damage as Raw Raw damage
  • Reduces the Physical Physical damage of the weapon by 40% (after adding Raw bonus)
Whiplash The Soroboreans
  • Increases the weapon's Physical physical damage by +10%

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