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Scarlet Lady
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The Krypteia (former)
Scarlet Moon
Face of the Ancients (altar)

The Scarlet Lady (also known as the Scarlet Lich or Red Lady) is an immortal Lich in the world of Aurai, who is associated with the Fire Fire element.

She is not encountered physically in game, but her Dagger can be obtained and she is involved in quests.


One prominent physical manifestation of this Lich is an altar (pictured), deep in the caves of the Face of the Ancients in the Enmerkar Forest.

The Enmerkar Vigil Pylon contains a large Rune sign at the entrance which reads "Dame Rouge" (fr. Red Lady), and contains a unique kind of Ghost. According to the Whispering Bones (Lich), the Scarlet Lady was responsible for this area.

Various bits of dialogue throughout the game suggest that she fled to the Scarlet Moon, which can be seen in the sky at night.

In The Three Brothers The Three Brothers DLC, the Scarlet Sanctuary is an elaborate fortress under her command.

Quest Involvement[]


According to Rissa Aberdeen (during the faction quest Whispering Bones), The Scarlet Lady was once a member of Krypteia, a secret organization that has governed the Blue Chamber Collective for centuries. The Scarlet Lady betrayed Krypteia and became a Lich by devouring the memories of her own ancestors, gaining immortality while "anchoring her life to each of her descendants."

To the present day in-game, Krypteia actively opposes the Scarlet Lady's efforts to control the Blue Chamber Collective by hunting down her potential descendants. A popular fairy tale mentioned by the player claims that the Scarlet Lady currently resides on the Scarlet Moon, and images of the moon near her altar in Face of the Ancients reinforce this notion. Killing her descendants is allegedly the only way to sever the Scarlet Lady's hold on the world. According to game writer Aegix Drakan, these descendants become Burning Man or other manifestations of the Scarlet Lady's power.[1]


The Crimson Avatar The Three Brothers is a powerful enemy involved in the Sirocco quest line who is imbued with the Scarlet Lady's power.




  1. On 1st August 2019, game writer Aegix Drakan said in the Outward discord: "You're correct on the Burning Heir, the burning men are supposed to be what happens when a child/descendant of the Scarlet Lady dies in the line of "duty" for her."

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