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Saved by Gep (Caldera) is one of the possible Defeat Scenarios in Outward.


You fall to the ground, broken and defeated. As you start to black out from the pain, you sense someone standing above you, defending you! A warm voice reaches you through the haze of pain. "Whoa there, now! It ain't your time to die today. Stay with me, I'll look after you."

There are some Travel Rations by the campfire...Perhaps this is a good time to flee this dangerous region and return when you feel more confident...


Players awaken at Caldera.

From this scenario, 23-73 hours will have passed.


  • Backpack will be unequipped and nearby

Spawned items:


  • Health Health: 30-40%, burnt: 30-40%
  • Mana Mana: Unchanged, burnt: Unchanged
  • Stamina Stamina: Unchanged, burnt: Unchanged


  • Hunger: Unchanged
  • Thirst: Unchanged
  • Rest: Unchanged
  • Temperature: 50%

Received at locations[]

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