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Saved by Friendly Immaculate is one of the possible Defeat Scenarios in Outward.


You fall to the ground, broken and defeated. As you start to black out from the pain, you sense something standing above you, defending you. A cold voice reaches you through the haze of pain. "Are you alive? Answer me!"

You awaken hours later, underground. As you lift up your head, a shape moves in the corner of your eyes. It is a monstrous beast that walks on two legs, red pulsing veins running along its body.

The creature must have saved you! You see it holding a book in its hands, as it lets out a quiet laugh. Your consciousness fades again for a few minutes, before you manage to get up.


Players awaken at Immaculate's Camp.

From this scenario, 8-12 hours will have passed.



  • Health Health: 20-30%, burnt: 25-35%
  • Mana Mana: 0-0%, burnt: Unchanged
  • Stamina Stamina: 100%, burnt: Unchanged


  • Hunger: Unchanged
  • Thirst: Unchanged
  • Rest: Unchanged
  • Temperature: 50%

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