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Disambig.png This article is about the quest for the Heroic Kingdom. For the faction of the same name, see The Sand Corsairs.
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Sand Corsairs
Quest Giver
Heroic Kingdom
Quest Type
Main Quest
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Tending the Flame
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Mouths to Feed

Sand Corsairs is the second faction quest for The Heroic Kingdom of Levant in Outward, and the fifth in the series of main quests.

Quest Summary[]

War has been declared between The Blue Chamber Collective and Heroic Kingdom of Levant, and while the war is going well for the Heroic Kingdom it has cut them off from their usual trade routes, and the few that remain are being plundered by The Sand Corsairs. The player will be tasked with bringing the Corsair's leader to justice in an attempt to stop Levant's populations from starving to death.



Talk to Cyrene, in the city of Levant, in the Abrassar desert.

Talk to Cyrene in Levant to learn that while the war is going well for the Heroic Kingdom, the city faces famine if they are not able to deal with The Sand Corsairs, who are cutting off their trade routes. Cyrene asks us to head to the Slums and investigate.


The player talks to Dawne in the Slums.

Go to Levant's slums and find information on the Sand Corsairs.

Complete one of the following tasks to gain information from the Slums:


  • Must have finished Silver for the Slums and reset the area (sleep or re-enter Levant)
  • Talk to Dawne, found near the main entrance of the Slums
  • Choose option Tex men talkIcon.png 2: "Where did you get that food?"
  • You can bribe her with either 50 SilverIcon.gif or 100 SilverIcon.gif silver
    • Dawne tells us that they got their food from some "Blue Chamber guys holed up in some old ruins".
  • If you gave her 100 silver, you are rewarded with a Desert Khopesh.

The player talks to Markus in the Slums.

Or, Markus:

  • Talk to Markus in the western area of the Slums
  • Choose option Tex men talkIcon.png 2: "You seem shady enough. I'm looking for some information."
  • With 50 SilverIcon.gif silver, choose option Tex men talkIcon.png 2: "Ok, let's do it."
  • Fight and defeat Markus.
  • Ask him for information and he will reveal that the food is coming from an old ruined tower, south-west of Levant.
  • Player is rewarded with 100 SilverIcon.gif silver.

Ruined Outpost[]

The player talks to a Blue Chamber Scout at the Ruined Outpost.

Interrogate the scouts inside a fort in Abrassar. Go south of Levant, then west into a valley.

Make your way south of Levant, then west towards the Ruined Outpost. There is an aggressive Ice Witch and Desert Lieutenant outside. Defeat them or ignore them, and enter the building.

Speak to the Blue Chamber Scout, and you have three options:

  • Offer him 100 SilverIcon.gif silver and bribe him for the information
  • Threaten him for the information. You will progress in the quest, and optional combat will begin.
  • Invoke a Writ of Tribal Favor, if you have one.

Either way, you learn that the Corsairs loot incoming food caravans, and then give this food to the Blue Chamber Scouts to deliver to the Slums. The idea was to starve Levant, and use offers of food to try to push the slum people into open revolt. We also learn that the Sand Corsairs are operating out of the Ruins of Old Levant, in north-western Abrassar, and that it is being camouflaged by some Soroboreans as an archeology site.

Speak to Yzan in Levant. Yzan will propose an attack on Old Levant, and you suggest to go in through The Slide to cut off any would-be escapees.

Ruins of Old Levant[]

The Slide.

Get to Old Levant, in the north-west of Abrassar.
Pass though a cave known as The Slide, north-west of the shipwrecks.

Head to the main entrance of The Slide, a short distance west of the Parched Shipwrecks in the desert. Once inside, immediately take a right and you will eventually reach a locked metal door. Interact with the door to open it and continue forward into a room with several bandits.

Head up the stairs on your right and pass through the metal door into a small room. Leave through the door in this room to enter Ruins of Old Levant.

The Corsairs' Headquarters in Ruins of Old Levant.

Stop the Corsair's leader inside the Vigil tower, in the western part of Old Levant.

You arrive in the desert, standing before an oasis. To your left is the main area of Old Levant, where Yzan and Cyrene along with some Levantine soldiers can be seen fighting the Sand Corsairs. Ignore them and head to the right (south) of the Oasis.

Directly south of the Oasis is the Vigil Pylon and Corsairs' Headquarters, this is where you will find the Corsairs' leader, Zagis.

Inside, defeat the two Desert Bandits to continue.

Talk to Zagis, and at this point there are two outcomes which can occur:

Option 1: Fight Zagis

  • Choose option Tex men talkIcon.png 1: "Then the only way my people will be safe is to kill you. Defend yourself, Zagis!"
  • If you are defeated, you will receive a standard defeat scenario and simply need to try again.
  • Defeat Zagis, and receive Zagis' Saw.

Option 2: Convince Zagis to surrender

  • Choose option Tex men talkIcon.png 2: "Then surrender honorably. Take responsibility for your actions, and end this conflict before your people end up slaughtered!"
  • No combat will result, but you are unable to acquire Zagis' Saw.

Finishing Up[]

The player talks with Yzan, Clayton and Cyrene.

Leave the tower and report to Yzan.
Report to Cyrene.

Leave the Headquarters, and walk a short distance forward until you get a fade out. Yzan and Cyrene will appear, along with Clayton, a Soroborean they have captured.

You have two options with Clayton, both of these options help you in Mouths to Feed, but in different ways.

Option 1: Help the Slums.

  • Choose option Tex men talkIcon.png 1: "Double your food deliveries to Levant, at a quarter of the price. People are starving to death."
  • You will help the Slums, potentially allowing Tamara and Dawne to appear without completing Silver for the Slums.
  • The timer for Mouths to Feed is extended.

Option 2: Call in a favor during Mouths to Feed.

  • Choose option Tex men talkIcon.png 2: "The best kind of favor. The kind we get to decide on whenever we need it."
  • You can call in a favor with The Soroboreans in Mouths to Feed which will save you 300 SilverIcon.gif silver.

Finally, talk to Cyrene to finish the quest and optionally take a convoy back to Levant.


From Cyrene:

From Clayton:

  • Either a 300 SilverIcon.gif silver favor in Mouths to Feed, or the timer for Mouths to Feed is extended and you help the Slums.

If you convinced Zagis to surrender:


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