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The Runic Train system at Forgotten Research Laboratory.

The Runic Train system is found underground in the Antique Plateau region in Outward, which allows one to travel quickly through the various dungeons in the region.


Before you can start fully exploring the dungeon system, you will need to begin Rust and Vengeance in Harmattan, to give yourself access to the three main entrances to the train system.

The Runic Train stations can be found in almost all the major dungeons of the region, generally at the bottom of the dungeon.

For a guide on unlocking the train system, see Rust and Vengeance.

When you complete Rust and Vengeance, there is a shortcut from the Harmattan Sorobor Library into the Forgotten Research Laboratory, which leads to an elevator, which takes you right down to the Runic Train. This is by far the most convenient way to access it. There are also various shortcuts you can unlock at the exit of dungeons which allow quick access into them from Antique Plateau exterior.


This map shows the connections between the Runic Train platforms, and the two paths which require a Train Key.

Click here for a full size map.


  • Forgotten Research Laboratory is not marked on the in-game map, and is only accessible via the Train System, or from a shortcut unlocked through Rust and Vengeance
  • The map indicates the possible directions of travel, not the actual physical train lines


Runic Train Stations can be found at the following locations. The station is generally found at the bottom of the dungeon:

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