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Rune Magic is a type of Magic in Outward which uses four runes in various combinations to achieve powerful spells.


Rune Magic is learned from Flase in Berg.


Unless you learn Internalized Lexicon, casting Rune Magic requires an equipped Lexicon or Great Runic Blade.


Rune Spells[]

Rune Magic spell list consists of four basic and four advanced possible combinations.

Simple combinations

Advanced combinations[]

These combinations require Arcane Syntax passive skill.

Reference Sheet

This image is a user-made Reference sheet for all spell combinations. Useful for putting onto a second monitor while playing. Note: Includes some unofficial icons due to some spells lacking them.

The circle icon and "Gains" indicates bonuses with Runic Prefix.

Note: since the April 2020 update, this reference sheet is outdated and may be misleading.

Rune Magic Reference Sheet.png

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