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Ruins of Old Levant
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The entrance to Ruins of Old Levant
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Ruins of Old Levant
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The Ruins of Old Levant is a marked location in north-western Abrassar.


Old Levant is represented by The Sand Corsairs, a faction of bandits who oppose the ruling powers of Levant.

If you attempt to use the main entrance before you have finished your second faction quest, you will be blocked by a Guard who says:

Sorry, no visitors around the excavation site! There are delicate historical artifacts being unearthed, and we can't risk any being stolen or further damaged. Please, be patient and wait for us to complete our work.

These are the ruins of the old capital of Abrassar, before the Scourge happened. They're full of important ancient history that we're working to preserve. The bandits that used to hide out here have already ruined a great deal of it.
~ Sand Corsair Guard


There are two entrances to Ruins of Old Levant:

  • The main entrance from Abrassar desert, which is locked until the player finishes their second faction quest (or during, for Heroic Kingdom members)
  • From inside The Slide, through a locked door in the western area of dungeon. For members of Heroic Kingdom, this door will be unlocked during Sand Corsairs. For members of other factions, the player must have completed their second faction quest, and also obtain the Old Levant's Key in order to reach the door.

Upon entering the area, the hill on the left can be climbed over and is where most of the enemies are found, and to the south is Corsairs' Headquarters.

Corsairs' Headquarters[]

The Abrassar Vigil Pylon and Corsairs' Headquarters can be found to the right after exiting The Slide into Old Levant. In this area there is also a body of Clean Water, and some Gaberries.




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