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Rospa Akiyuki
NPC Data
The Vendavel
The Kazite
Quest Enemy (potential)
Vendavel Fortress
Cierzo (Destroyed)
Combat Details
200 Health
Damage Types
33 Physical
Impact Res.
60 Impact.png
Damage Res.
7 Protection 58 Physical 45 Ethereal 10 Decay 45 Lightning 88 Frost 45 Fire

Rospa Akiyuki, also known as Rospa, the Conqueror, is an NPC and potential enemy in Outward.


Rospa is one of the three bandit warlords of Vendavel, and the uncle of Eto Akiyuki. The player has the option to fight Rospa during the Vendavel Quest. In his chambers of the Vendavel Fortress, he is guarded by several Archers, who notably wear Kazite Masks.

Rospa carries a grudge against his nephew, Eto. Eto was sent by Rospa to infiltrate Cierzo and assist in an attack on the city, but Eto embraced the Blue Chamber's way of life and caused Rospa's attack to fail spectacularly.


Rospa can be encountered inside Vendavel Fortress. A Vendavel Prison Key is required to access the door leading up to his room.


Rospa Akiyuki is a member of the Akiyuki family.


Rospa wears the Crimson Plate Set and a Steel Sabre (33 Physical). He has high damage resistance, but is not as resistant to Decay. He is extremely resistant to Frost damage.

Several archers occupy the balconies of the room he is found in, so it is recommended to lure him out of the room first.

Drop Table[]

Guaranteed Drops

Crimson Shield.png Crimson Shield (1)
Vendavel Prison Key.png Vendavel Prison Key (1)

Drop Table 1
This drop table will be rolled 2 times.

ItemsChance *
Bandages.png Bandages (1)6.21% (12%)
Linen Cloth.png Linen Cloth (1-3)18.63% (34%)
Travel Ration.png Travel Ration (1)12.42% (23%)
Waterskin.png Waterskin (1)1.24% (2%)
Jerky.png Jerky (1)9.32% (18%)
Dry Mushroom Bar.png Dry Mushroom Bar (1)9.32% (18%)
Bread.png Bread (1)9.32% (18%)
Salt.png Salt (1)9.32% (18%)
Antidote.png Antidote (1)4.97% (10%)
Looter Mask.png Looter Mask (1)1.86% (4%)
Looter Armor.png Looter Armor (1)1.86% (4%)
Tripwire Trap.png Tripwire Trap (1)3.11% (6%)
Spikes – Iron.png Spikes – Iron (1)3.11% (6%)
Silver.png Silver (3-5)9.32% (18%)

* The second number indicates the total chance of receiving the drop at least once, from 2 rolls.


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