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The following is a transcript of Rissa Aberdeen's dialogue.

Cierzo Dialogue[]

This dialogue is available in Cierzo, during the events of Call to Adventure and Looking to the Future.

After Castaway when the player first leaves their Lighthouse, Rissa has the following dialogue with the mob:

Enough of this! Twelve people are dead. This is a time for the tribe to come together and mourn our lost loved ones, not to demand payment from a survivor! Stop this shameful behaviour at once!

[PlayerName] is a victim of that shipwreck too. Under the laws of the Blue Chamber Collective, I have declared a period of mourning. You understand what that means, don't you?


I said, that is enough! If you want to take this back up with [PlayerName] after the mourning period, feel free. But until then, your concern should be for those whose lives were lost in the wreck.

Oliele, see these people off, would you?

~ Rissa Aberdeen (Castaway epilogue)

Afterwards, during conversation with the player:

RA: "I'm sorry you woke up to that, after what you’ve been through, [PlayerName]. Please, forgive them. Many of them have lost family and aren't thinking straight."

Tex men talkIcon.png 1: "I can't believe they want to seize my home! Can't you do something?"

RA: "If I could do more, I would. But if you do not pay off those 4 months of missed payments on your own, the tribe will have my head. The most I can do for you is declare a mourning period and buy you a little time. For 5 days, no one in the tribe can ask for what you owe. That gives you 5 days to pay back all 150 silver coins. Use your time to gather the money or earn a Tribal Favor. Then, they won't be able to do a thing to you. Once you can make the payment, come see me up at the town hall on top of the hill. Please, find a way to make it work, [PlayerName]. The last thing I want to do is take your lighthouse away."

Tex men talkIcon.png 1: "I can't possibly accomplish that! I need more time!"

RA: "A dozen people lost their lives in that shipwreck, leaving grieving kin behind. Their families need the assistance immediately. Their need outweighs yours. Trust me, [PlayerName], I wouldn’t be doing this to you otherwise. You must find a way to pay what is owed to the tribe. The last thing I want to do is take your lighthouse away."

Tex men talkIcon.png 2: "This Blood Price is unfair! You can't hold me responsible for things that are out of my control!"

RA: "Have you forgotten why your family bears this Blood Price? When your grandmother was Chamberlady, she turned away the followers of Elatt in our time of greatest need, forcing the tribe to pray only to the Five Winds for protection. Because of her pride, dozens were slain by the beasts of the Scourge. Your bloodline owes it to them to pay back that debt!"

Tex men talkIcon.png 1: "I understand. Bitterness still runs very deep in the tribe."

RA: "If you understand, then get to work making that payment, [PlayerName]."

Tex men talkIcon.png 2: "How could I possibly forget? Not a day goes by without someone reminding me!"

RA: "You live and breathe thanks to the deeds of your ancestors. You cannot embrace such a gift if you cannot also bear the costs of their actions.

Tex men talkIcon.png 3: "I can't bear this stupid Blood Price any longer. What if I just leave and never come back?"

RA: "If you think you can survive alone, out there in the wild, you have that right. But remember, your tribe is your family. We achieve more together than we do on our own."

Tex men talkIcon.png 3: "Then I will have to head outside the walls."

RA: "That does seem like your most effective option, dangerous as it is. I doubt you'd be able to gather that much in such a short time just by staying in Cierzo. If you can do a great deed for someone in Cierzo, we will owe you a Tribal Favor, which I will accept as a substitute for your payment. Once you're ready to leave Cierzo, speak with Burac, the Gate Warden. He will judge whether or not you are prepared to face the outside world. Remember, [PlayerName], you only have 5 days to pay me the 150 silver, or show me proof you have earned a Tribal Favor. May your ancestors watch over you."

~ Rissa Aberdeen Dialogue

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