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A screenshot of the resting UI.

Resting is a mechanic in Outward, allowing the player to restore Vitals, progress time, and repair their Equipment.


Regardless of which option or duration the player chooses, the following effects always take place:

  • Restores all missing stamina, up to your burnt stamina limit
  • Restores all missing mana, up to your burnt mana limit
  • Refreshes all cooldowns
  • Removes all Effects with a limited duration (except weapon Imbues)
  • Grants positive Sleep Effects.

In addition to those, resting also grants other effects depending on time spent Sleeping, Guarding and Repairing.

The player's Sleep attribute falls by around 34.2% per in-game day (one hour of real life).


Time allocated towards Sleeping will affect the player's Vitals and burnt Vitals, by the following amounts:

Tired Fatigue:

  • Restores 12.5% Fatigue per hour spent resting by default

Health Health:

  • Restores your burnt health, at a rate of 5% of your max health per hour spent sleeping
  • Restores 35 actual health per hour sleeping, up to your burnt health limit

Stamina Stamina:

  • Restores 12.5% burnt stamina per hour spent sleeping

Mana Mana:

  • Burns 5 mana per hour spent sleeping, up to 50% burnt mana.

As well as affecting the player's vitals, Sleeping also:


  • Recovers 10% of equipped items Durability per hour spent repairing.


  • Each hour spent while Guarding reduces chance of being ambushed.
  • The chance of Ambush increases with each hour spent Repairing or Sleeping.

Ambush Scenarios[]

When resting, the player has a chance of being ambushed by enemies, with the chance indicated by the "ambush %" on the resting menu.

The current location of the player has the biggest influence on which enemies can possibly ambush, however quest progress and other conditions also play a role.

A fairly common strategy from players is to intentionally get ambushed by resting with a high ambush % chance, and repeatedly farming the enemies which spawn. The reason players do this is because enemies spawned from ambush events are not affected by the region's respawn mechanics for enemies, and they will always appear.

Resting near Butterflies will reduce your ambush chance to 0%.

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