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Questions and Corruption
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Holy Mission
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Main Quest
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Questions and Corruption is the first faction quest for The Holy Mission of Elatt in Outward, and the fourth in the series of main quests.


This quest has a timer of 30 days, which begins when you start the quest. Failing to resolve the Corruption in the Corrupted Tombs within this timeframe will result in a negative Passive skill applied to your character.

Quest Summary[]

After the player joins the Holy Mission, Ellinara in Monsoon will send you to the nearby vigil tower so the player can understand how Vigil Pylons actually work. Elatt sensed there is corruption growing in Chersonese, and so Ellinara will send the player to source of corruption - Corrupted Tombs - along with Oliele to investigate the site on behalf of Elatt.


Vigil Altar[]

The player talks to Ellinara in Monsoon.

Talk to Ellinara, in the city of Monsoon, in the Hallowed Marsh.

Speak to Ellinara in Monsoon, she tells us that before our first mission we need to understand the lengths that the Holy Mission goes to in order to protect people from The Scourge.

Ellinara tasks us with burning a Greasy Fern at the Vigil Altar, just east of Monsoon. A Greasy Fern can be found right near the altar, so purchasing one is unnecessary.

The Vigil Altar, east of Monsoon.

Burn Greasy Fern at the altar on the hill just west of the Marsh's Vigil. Such plants can be found not far from the altar, or bought.

Make your way to the Vigil Pylon just east of Monsoon, atop a hill. When you reach the top of the hill, immediately to your left is 2 Greasy Fern plants, take one if you need.

Interact with the altar to burn a Greasy Fern, and your character has a vision of what the Vigil Pylons really are. You see the warriors who were slain fighting the Scourge Beast trapped in the crystal, and see that it is being stabbed endlessly by the ethereal Ghosts of those warriors.

Talk to Ellinara, in Monsoon

Return to Ellinara and tell her what you have learned. She will say that Oliele was deeply hurt by what she saw when she burned a Greasy Fern, and desperately wants to find a way to end The Scourge once and for all.

Ellinara has sent Oliele to the Corrupted Tombs in Chersonese, as Elatt has sensed a large growth of Corruption coming from underground there. Ellinara asks us to find Oliele and help her with this task.

Corrupted Tombs[]

The magical barrier blocking entry to the Corruption.

Find the Corrupted Tomb, in the valley beyond the Ghost Pass dungeon, in the Chersonese's north-east.

Head to the Corrupted Tombs in Chersonese, beyond Ghost Pass. The dungeon is found to the north-west once you enter the other side of Ghost Pass.

Inside to your left is a frozen blue area with an aggressive Wendigo, as well as Oliele attempting to get passed the barrier blocking the Corruption.

Speak to Oliele, and she asks us to see if we can find another way to remove the barrier inside the tombs.

This dungeon contains the source of the barrier blocking access to the corrupted altar. Find that source and disable it.
Open the barrier by helping Myriade find his bones or by smashing his skull.

We will need to complete A Myriad of Bones, either by killing Myriade or by helping him.

  • If 30 days have passed since this quest began, it is recommended to help him.

Purging Corruption[]

The player and Myriade watch as Oliele attempts to cleanse the Corruption.

Go in the altar in the Corrupted Tomb, now that the barrier is down.

Once you have managed to remove the barrier, head back to where Oliele was and head through.

If timer has NOT been reached:

  • Speak to Oliele, and she will attempt to remove the corruption.
  • The altar will explode, Oliele collapses, and several aggressive Green Ghosts appear.
    • Defeat the ghosts (or be defeated by them) to continue.

If failure timer HAS been reached:

  • Speak to Oliele, and she will mention that the Corruption has progressed to a more advanced state.
  • If you helped Myriade, speak to him and ask him to help distract the Ghosts.
  • Interact with the Corruption. You will die, and wake up in this same area.

Either way, speak to Oliele again, and Elatt will intervene with a blessing of light. Oliele's limbs have been replaced with magical light, but she feels conflicted and doesn't know how to feel about it all. Oliele tells us she will meet us back in Monsoon.

Finishing Up[]

Talk to Ellinara, in Monsoon.

Return to Ellinara in Monsoon to complete the quest.

Elatt will thank you for all you have done, and offer you a choice of two rewards:

  1. Take the blessing for yourself. You receive Purified, a passive skill.
  2. Give the blessing to Oliele. You receive Novice Robe, 3 Marshmelon Tartine and a recipe for Marshmelon Tartine.


  • Oliele now has a blessing of Elatt (luminous, glowing limbs)

From Ellinara at start:

From Elatt, choice of one:

Failure Timer Reached[]


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